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When it comes to proposals, we know the drill. The gentleman drops down on one knee, jewellery box in hand. The surprised woman gasps at the sight of the glistening diamond engagement ring and then joyfully accepts the ring as a token of his love and commitment.


In the modern world, however, most marriage proposals don’t fit the stereotype, and new proposal traditions are being created each day.


The one question we hear over and over is this: to surprise or not to surprise?


We can’t make this decision for you, but we can give you several factors to keep in mind.


Personal Preference

Yes, you’re the one who is purchasing the ring, but she’s the one who will wear it day in and day out. Do you feel confident that you understand her style well enough to choose a ring she’ll love?


If you truly want to surprise her, do all you can to find out what she likes. Pay close attention to her other jewellery, talk with her friends, mother and sisters, and see if she has a Pinterest board with jewellery pins. You could even subtly walk by a jewellery store and see which styles she’s drawn to as she window shops.


Engagement Ring Insurance


Ring Size

When you surprise her with a ring, you have to purchase a ring without having her try it on first. If you’re very confident about her size, this probably won’t be a problem. All too often, however, her ring size is a complete mystery.


You may be able to sleuth it out. “Borrow” one of her rings and take it to the jeweller for sizing, or ask her friends or family if they know her ring size. But then again, the friend could be wrong.


Fortunately, jewellers can resize most types of rings. It’s generally easier to decrease a ring in size because the jeweller won’t have to add any materials. Don’t expect that a jeweller can change the size more than one to two sizes either direction.


Certain styles of rings are difficult, if not impossible, to resize. Tension rings, for example, can’t be resized without compromising the ring’s architecture.


Titanium, tungsten and stainless steel rings usually cannot be resized due to their material properties. Also, be aware that eternity rings, which have a continuous setting of stones around the ring’s band, can be complicated to resize.


If you choose not to surprise your significant other you can access our ring sizer to accurately measure her ring size before you go engagement ring shopping.


Matching Sets

Does she want to wear a matching wedding ring with her engagement ring? When you shop together, she’ll be able to let you know. Some couples prefer to wear rings that coordinate, and again, this can be difficult to arrange when her engagement ring is a surprise.


On the other hand, if you later discover that she wanted a matching set, you can have a wedding ring custom-designed to fit with the engagement ring you chose.


We’ve looked at several factors to consider when deciding whether to surprise or not to surprise. Now, let’s look at the arguments for each case.


Reasons to Engagement Shop With Her

When you shop for her engagement ring together, she can choose exactly what she prefers. Despite her knowing what the ring looks like, you still have the opportunity to surprise her with other aspects of the proposal, by choosing a location or day where she least expects it. If you plan on proposing at Christmas, check out some of our magical ideas.


Perhaps the biggest argument in favour of engagement shopping with her is that you’ll know that she’ll say “yes” to you and the ring when you finally bend the knee.


Reasons to Surprise Her

On the other hand, surprising her has some distinct advantages. You are guaranteed to impress her with how well you know and understand her. Choosing a ring that matches her personality without her knowledge will lead to a heartfelt surprise proposal.


Whether you purchase an engagement ring as a surprise or you shop for it together, insure it with Q Report Jewellery Insurance. No matter where you travel, your ring will be fully covered. You can even return to your family jeweller for repairs or replacement.


To learn more about our much-loved engagement ring insurance, read about our unparalleled coverage, or get an instant quote today. If you’re just starting the shopping process, consider visiting a Q Certified Jeweller for excellent service and an incredible selection of gorgeous rings.


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