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Ring Size Guide & Sizer

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You’ve imagined the scene a thousand times. You’ll go together to your favourite spot at the perfect time of day. And when the moment is just right, you’ll present the ring you’ve so carefully chosen, and together you’ll celebrate the decision to spend the rest of your lives together.

There’s just one problem. How do you know what size ring to buy?

We’ve heard many stories over the years, and the following are some of the best tips we’ve heard for secretly finding a partner’s ring size in advance of a surprise proposal.


Use the Old Help-Me-with-a-Gift Trick

It’s totally reasonable for a guy to ask his girlfriend for help with a gift for his mum/sister/niece, etc. You could pretend that you’re buying a ring for this female relative and need your girlfriend’s help. It appears to you that your girlfriend’s hands are just about the same size as your mum’s/sister’s/niece’s, but would she mind trying the ring on just to see how it fits?

If you really want to go all the way with this ruse, purchase an inexpensive ring and have her try it on for size. You can always give it to her after the proposal as you both laugh about your crazy method of determining her ring size. Or you could give it to your mum...


“Borrow” One of Her Rings

If she already has a collection of rings, consider “borrowing” one and taking it to your jeweller as a reference. If you use this technique, make sure you borrow a ring that fits the finger she’d use for wearing an engagement ring. As most people don’t usually wear a ring on that finger, make sure to tell the jeweller this is her right hand. Also, remember where to put it back exactly where you found it. You don’t want her to think that someone has been rummaging through her things.


Enlist a Cooperative Friend

It’s not unheard of for friends to know each other’s ring size, and if her friends don’t already know, they can casually find out and report back to you. If you want to capitalise on her friends’ helpfulness and goodwill, see if one of them will take her ring shopping for fun.

Not only will they be able to learn about her ring size, but the helpful friend can also take notes about your girlfriend’s preferred metal, diamond shape, style and so forth. Choose a friend with excellent acting skills and the ability to keep a secret!


Trace Her Ring on Paper

If you’re concerned that she would notice if you “borrowed” one of her rings, you can choose a ring you know fits her well, and trace its outline on a piece of paper. Draw circles marking both the inside and outside lines of the ring. Make two or three copies of your tracing for accuracy. Most jewellers can calculate the diameter from an accurate tracing.


A Few Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Most rings can be resized, but certain rings (including tension set rings and those set with pavé stones all the way around) cannot. If you’re not absolutely sure of your partner’s ring size, avoid purchasing these types of rings.
  • Platinum rings are more expensive to resize than gold and silver.
  • Generally speaking, a ring can be resized up to two sizes in either direction.


Ring Size Fun Facts:

  • The fingers on our dominant hand tend to be slightly larger than the fingers on our other side because we use them more.
  • The most common ring sizes for women are K to M.
  • Wider bands fit tighter than narrow bands.

When you find the perfect ring, don’t forget to cover it with Q Report jewellery insurance. We’ll protect it everywhere she goes, even overseas.

Now that you’re an expert on finding your partner’s ring size, you can let the machinations begin. We’ll keep your secret for you. Good luck!


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