The Q Report jewellery insurance policy is the only policy which gives you the option to return to your original jeweller in the case of loss or damage. The insurance underwriter is Chubb Insurance Australia Limited (AFSL Number 239687).
The Chubb Group of Companies is one of the world’s leading insurance organisations and specialises in protecting jewellery and fine arts worldwide. Q Report has a patent pending system which revalues your jewellery every year at no charge to you.

Traditionally we would insure your jewellery item at the purchase price. However this is not always the case and we reserve the right to calculate what we believe is the accurate replacement figure in Australia today. Our goal is that you do not pay excessive premium but that being said we will not and can not knowingly under or over  insure an item of jewellery . We appreciate that you may not agree with our calculations. Our company has developed its own proprietary jewellery calculators and methodologies to ensure that we can satisfy our obligations under the policy. We are always happy to explain to you how we came to our figures. Our decision will be final and we reserve the right at any point in time to decline an offer of insurance with no further explanation.

How is this insurance policy obtained?

The Q Report Jewellery Insurance Policy is available through Q Certified Jewellers, or by calling Q Report Jewellery Insurance on 1300 882 018.

Phone us today on 1300 882 018 to discover whether your jeweller is a Q Certified Jeweller.