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Sydney’s Top 20 Proposal Locations

Q Report Team
Updated on March 18, 2024
9 min read

Your marriage proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! It should be the most romantic experience you have ever had. Not sure how to make this moment unforgettable? Luckily, Sydney has you covered.

Sydney is one of Australia’s largest capital cities, renowned for its breathtaking vistas and iconic landmarks. If you’ve been looking for the perfect location to propose, one of these stunning Sydney locations may be right for you.


1. Wendy’s Secret Garden at Lavender Bay

Wendy's Secret Garden—even the name indicates romance and intrigue!

Created by Wendy Whiteley, this enchanting waterfront garden in North Sydney is a product of Wendy's desire to create something beautiful following the death of her husband, Brett Whiteley. What started as an overgrown bramble has become one of Sydney's most charming natural spaces.

The garden has plenty of quiet nooks that offer you privacy when you propose to your partner. You can also come back for the big day and have your wedding ceremony here as well.



2. The Ferris Wheel at Luna Park

It's hard to find a more thrilling location than the top of a Ferris wheel, looking down on the city lights from 40 metres above. This dramatic scene will have your partner smiling wider than the famous Luna Park Face! But, of course, you could also book a table at one of the terrific restaurants under the Bridge. Just be careful not to drop the ring from the top!



3. A Sydney Harbour Water Taxi

Why not make a grand entrance and start the new year by proposing to your partner as the clock strikes midnight?

Every New Year's Eve, Sydney Harbour hosts a firework show unlike any other. This show starts at 7 pm and features a traditional opening ceremony, a tugboat water cannon display, projections on the Harbour Bridge, an aerial display and a Harbour of Light parade.

Having the fireworks display on the Sydney Harbour bridge as the romantic proposal backdrop for your proposal is an event you’re both never likely to forget!



4. Observatory Hill

Perched above the historic Rocks district with sweeping views of the harbour and the surrounding parkland, it's no surprise that Observatory Hill remains one of Sydney's most popular proposal locations.

The Rotunda on Observatory Hill was built in 1912, where the famous Metropolitan Band played regularly, particularly on Sunday afternoons.

Today, the Rotunda is often used as a wedding venue, but it's also the perfect spot for a romantic proposal. You might choose to use a proposal planner, such as Unforgettable Proposals, to help you plan the perfect proposal so that you can concentrate on what you’re going to say when you pop the question.



5. Spit Bridge to Manly Walk

Though the name is less romantic than Wendy's Secret Garden at Lavender Bay, Spit Bridge to Manly Walk is a beautiful location nonetheless.

Also known as the Manly Scenic Walkway, this iconic trail hugs the coastline, offering panoramic harbour views. You could spend the afternoon hiking. Afterwards, bring out that magnificent diamond ring, propose to your sweetheart, and then head to Manly's many waterfront bars and restaurants to celebrate!


6. Level 36 at the Shangri-La Hotel

Sitting in the restaurant's window at Level 36 makes you feel like you're sitting atop Mount Olympus! When you propose, It's either a yes or yes! There will be no other answer.

With the brilliant harbour, stunning Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge below, you and your lover will enjoy every moment.


7. Mrs Macquarie’s Point

Macquarie served as governor of New South Wales in the early nineteenth century, and his wife Elizabeth usually sat on a sandstone rock to watch ships sail in from Great Britain.

Today, there's a carved sandstone bench in the same spot she used to sit on the sandstone rock, offering an excellent view of Sydney's most iconic sights. It's a perfect place to watch the sunrise or sunset with the person you love most, just before you pop the question.


8. Bondi Beach

No list of iconic Sydney proposal locations would be complete without Bondi Beach. And to many, the gently lapping waves are one of the most romantic sounds that can accompany a marriage proposal.

Bondi has a reputation as a frenzied tourist hotspot at its busiest, but it also has a quieter side.

If you're looking to enjoy a Bondi proposal with a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere, pick a cooler autumn or winter afternoon, or venture further over the northern headland towards Ben Buckler.



9. Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Situated at Sydney's most northern point, you can reach Barrenjoey Lighthouse by several different routes. It's an easy day trip from town, and you'll find some stunning views perfect for that romantic proposal. The sunrise at the top offers privacy and breathtaking views, but take the broader path on the left as you climb in the morning.

If you feel like exploring the 1881 lighthouse, try wandering around the oil room and keepers' cottages.



10. Clareville Beach

If you're looking for a Northern Beaches proposal with a lesser-known and more local flavour, Avalon's Clareville Beach is the perfect spot.

Nestled on the banks of the Pittwater, Clareville is a local favourite for its unbeatable sunset vistas, a dog-friendly strip of sand and a quiet “hidden gem” feel. And if you’d like to celebrate afterwards, the Clareville Kiosk restaurant is the perfect intimate setting!



11. The Jacaranda Trees

If you want to pop the question during spring, look no further than under the Jacaranda trees in one of many locations across Sydney. Sydney becomes a magical, purple-coloured haven during spring when the Jacaranda trees are in full bloom.

Some prime locations with jacaranda trees include McDougall Street in Kirribilli and Lavender Bay in North Sydney. As you walk down any jacaranda-filled spot, begin your proposal speech and ask for your partner's hand in marriage.



12. Sydney Towner

Much of Sydney boasts fine dining and exclusive views, but 360 Bar and Dining is second to none! Located atop the Sydney Tower, the 360 Bar and Dining restaurant offers the most spellbinding views across the city.

As the restaurant rotates, you get to soak up views of Sydney Harbour and far beyond. Pop-out that ring and ask your lover to marry you while soaking up the stunning views. Yes, please!



13. The Royal Botanic Garden

The list of top Sydney proposal locations would not be complete without including The Royal Botanic Gardens. If your partner is a nature lover, congratulations in advance because we are confident this location will secure you a yes when you pop the question!

 Imagine having the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House as a backdrop while you go down on one knee? The Royal Botanic Garden will bring this dream to life. With your partner's hands in yours, stroll through the idyllic grounds and propose to that special someone.



14. Balmoral Beach

The calm waters of Balmoral Beach make it one of the top proposal locations in Sydney. The waves here lap slowly on the sand, making for a super romantic picnic. As your eyes take in the magnificent vistas across the crystal clear waters, surprise your partner with a stunning diamond ring and ask them to be with you forever!


image 4-1

15. Pier One's Gorgeous Rooms

Pier One is hands down one of Sydney's most romantic proposal locations. Located right in the heart of Sydney, with 360-degree views of the city's prestigious harbour, it's a real Instaworthy location!



16. Lane Cove National Park

For true nature lovers, this is the perfect proposal spot. Take it from us! You will find all things nature in the Lane Cove National Park. The birds chirping, the gently lapping waves, and the trees' rustling all set the mood for a super romantic proposal.



17. Chinese Garden of Friendship

What better way to kickstart your quest to forever than proposing to your lover at the Chinese Garden of Friendship? This location offers so much peace and tranquillity.

You can experience fine dining at The Gardens by Lotus—a Chinese restaurant that offers Chinese tea, dumplings and fancy Sichuan cuisine. While the soothing sounds of the cellos and violins fill the air, surprise your partner with a charming proposal.



18. The Star Sydney

The Star has everything you need for a memorable proposal. With deluxe five-star hotels, premium restaurants, top-notch spas and casinos, The Star Sydney offers a lush experience fit for kings and queens.

Make a quick stop at the Sokyo or the Flying Fish to savour tasty cuisines. After getting the yes of your dreams, celebrate at Rock Lily and groove to upbeat music!


Bubble Tent

19. Bubble Tent

We don’t all believe in zodiac signs. But if your partner does, proposing in a bubble tent is the ideal proposal location for you! Sydney's Bubble tents have packages based on each of the 12 zodiac signs so that you can choose a bubble tent based on your partner's zodiac sign.



20. Bondi to Coogee Walk

The Bondi to Coogee walk is a six-kilometre walk along Sydney's stunning coastline and amazing beaches. Tamarama, Bondi, Brontë and Clovelly Beach offer many breathtaking spots to pop the question as you walk to Coogee.


Wrapping Up

It’s important to make that special proposal memorable. But make sure it’s memorable for the right reasons! You don’t want to ruin that special proposal moment by losing or damaging the ring while visiting any of the spectacular proposal locations we’ve mentioned.

 No matter where in the world you decide to propose, Q Report FULLY protects your ring with its specialised engagement ring insurance.

If you've got any questions, please reach out to us on 1300 882 018. Short of time? Then get an instant quote from our team online.

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