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When did you start imagining a forever future with your partner? In most cases, dreams of a proposal fall close on the heels of deciding to take the next step.

The ring is a primary concern, but the proposal location is also essential. After all, you’ll tell and retell the story for the rest of your lives. So think through your options carefully, and if you need suggestions, we’ve got ten picture-perfect Melbourne proposal locations in mind.


1. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

If you prefer a peaceful setting for the moment your partner says “Yes!”, then head to the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Melbourne’s inner-city oasis is celebrating its 175th anniversary, so you probably won’t be the first lovebirds to pledge your hearts to one another amidst the gorgeous flora. 

With more than 38 hectares of sumptuous gardens, it shouldn’t be hard to find a verdant corner for presenting that sparkler and confessing your love.


2. Mornington Peninsula

A favourite playground for tourists and Melburnians alike, the Mornington Peninsula has it all: wineries, bayside villages, cushy sand and glimmering water. 

Mornington Peninsula is known for its local wines, craft beers and inventive foods. You could pick up a few local items and then take a leisurely woodland walk at the Coolart Homestead. It’s the perfect place to spread a blanket for a picturesque picnic before you pop the burning question.


3. The Melbourne Star

How could your partner possibly say no when you declare your love as the two of you glide on a gentle arc in the sky? The Melbourne Star is one of the largest giant observation wheels in the world, and it offers a 360-degree view of the city.

When the two of you are 40 km up, practically skimming the stars, that sparkler you’ve carefully chosen will outshine the city lights below. Just remember to hold on tight!


4. Eureka Skydeck

Here’s another idea for a high-flying proposal. Lead your love up to the Eureka Skydeck, nearly 300m in the sky. From one of thirty viewfinders, your partner can see some of Melbourne’s finest views - Albert Park Lake, Port Phillip Bay, the Dandenong Ranges and more. 

While they’re distracted, you can fish that carefully chosen box out of your pocket and prepare for the big question. Will they be dizzy from the heights or the fluttering of their happy heart?


5. Carlton Gardens

A circular French fountain, formal flower gardens, tree-lined avenues and ornamental lakes: Carlton Gardens is straight out of a refined, romantic period film. In fact, the Carlton Gardens is a World Heritage Site.

If you fall in love with the location, you could even hold your wedding at the Gardens, presuming they says “Yes!” to your magnificent proposal. Of course they will!


6. Rippon Lea House

If your partner adores Pride and Prejudice, indulge their proposal fantasies at Rippon Lea House in Elsternwick, just 9km southeast of Melbourne’s central business district. It doesn’t take much imagination to return to 1868 when Frederick Sargood had the mansion built for his wife Marian and their nine children. With seven maids, seven gardeners, a butler, coachman and groom, the family enjoyed a forward-thinking Victorian existence, complete with imported orchids and ferns. Practice your best Mr Darcy moves, and watch them swoon.


7. Great Ocean Road

Instead of manicured gardens, perhaps natural splendour is more your style. If so, the Great Ocean Road presents endless wonder. Pledge your heart in any of several stunning locales along the Road, from Anglesea and the 12 Apostles to the magnificent sea forest of the Otways and Apollo Bay. Forever after, the Great Ocean Road will hold a special place in your hearts.


8. Grampians National Park

The tricky part of proposing at Grampians National Park is choosing just one special spot for the pivotal moment. The spectacular Wannon Falls resemble a bridal veil, perfect for the power of suggestion, and then there’s The Balconies, where you can relish panoramic views of Victoria Valley. If you’re keen to snap scenic photos of your proposal, it’s hard to beat Grampians National Park.


9. Yarra Valley

The rolling hills of Yarra Valley may be one of the best places in Melbourne to avow your undying love. Just 45 minutes from the city, this cornucopia of fresh food, sophisticated wine and sumptuous scenery provide a feast for the senses. 

A picnic of local wine and cheese at Hanrahan Vineyard would be picturesquely perfect, or you could opt for a magical walk in Wirra Willa Rainforest, where you could drop to one knee beneath beautiful Myrtle Beech and Sassafras trees.


10. Vue de Monde

In the year 2000, Vue de Monde opened in a quirky terrace building in Drummond Street. A few years later, the restaurant moved to the historic Normanby Chambers, where it evolved from a classical French restaurant to a more theatrical dining experience. Finally, in June 2011, Vue de Monde relocated to the 55th floor of Melbourne’s iconic Rialto building.

It’s the combination of fine dining and sweeping cityscape views that make Vue de Monde an impeccable choice for a marriage proposal. 

Whichever site you choose for your life-changing proposal, take precautions with the engagement ring. If you’re going to be hiking or going to the beach, secure it carefully, and keep it on your person. And no matter what, protect it with specialised jewellery insurance from the moment you walk it out of the store.


You can purchase Q Report engagement ring insurance directly from Q Certified Jewellers, or you can obtain a policy directly with us. Questions? Ring us at 1300 882 018 or get an instant online quote. So enjoy your proposal to the fullest!

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