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If you’ve lost a piece of treasured jewellery, you know that sinking, pit-in-your-stomach feeling. It’s horrible. 

But we’re always thrilled to assure our customers that no matter what happened to their sparkler, their insurance will restore it, as good as new.

Just in case you feel that no one understands your loss, we’ve compiled some of the lost jewellery stories from last year. Rest assured that you’re not the only one. Let’s look at some of 2020’s jewellery calamities.


1 - A Medical Mischance

Medical professionals have had a challenging year, and one nurse lost her engagement ring when she accidentally threw it out along with the latex gloves she’d just removed. Perhaps she was so absorbed by thinking of her next task that she didn’t realise her sparkler was whisked away by the glove and tossed in the wastepaper basket. By the time she noticed her ring was missing, the garbage had been removed, and the ring couldn’t be found.


2 - A Kiddie Calamity

One busy mum misplaced her favourite bauble at home. Although we tend to think of our domiciles as one of the safest places for jewellery, some homes are more hectic than others. With sprogs underfoot and a cheerful raucous constantly in play, jewellery can disappear without a trace. 


3 - A Swimming Slip-Up

Every year, many people lose their treasured rings while swimming. Between the cool water, which makes blood vessels constrict, and slippery sunscreen, beautiful baubles slide right off fingers to the depths below. In 2020, hand sanitiser became another culprit that caused rings to slip away unnoticed. 


4 - A Casualty of Cleanliness

Perhaps more than ever before, we kept our hands squeaky cleaning 2020. And while our frequent hand-washing reduced our chances of catching viruses, it also put our precious stones in peril. One lady removed her gorgeous sparkler in a public washroom while she washed her hands and then forgot to put it back on! When she returned later with her heart pounding, her treasure was gone.


5 - The Travelling Tragedy

Although we haven’t been travelling as much as usual, one gentleman lost his favourite luxury watch when it vanished from his baggage. The mysterious disappearance left him perplexed: how could someone have gotten into his personal items? Fortunately, his luxury watch insurance made complete replacement possible.


Worldwide Coverage


6 - Taken from Home

It’s terribly unsettling to have something stolen from your home. You wonder who has been roaming through your private spaces and how they got inside. Sadly, nearly 2.5 per cent of Australian households have this experience each year, which has happened to our customers. If you find yourself in this situation, rely on your specialised jewellery insurance to replace any stolen items.


7 - An Uber Upset

An unlucky lady left a cherished bracelet in the backseat of an Uber, and though the driver searched and searched, he couldn’t find the sparkly bauble. Every year, people lose jewellery and watches in taxis. Hold on to your valuables!


8 - The Pregnancy Pickle

What an emotional roller coaster! Pregnancy presents all kinds of highs and lows: joyous expectations, morning sickness, incredible feelings of love and ties to family, strange and uncomfortable physical changes. Also, did you know that pregnancy can be risky for your jewellery? Many women experience swelling in their hands, making it impossible to wear their favourite rings during the latter stages of pregnancy. But be careful! One mom-to-be took her sparkler off her swollen finger and never found it again.


9 - A Day-Out Debacle

Jewellery was made to be worn and enjoyed, and sometimes our best days are clouded by the loss of a single earring or a dangling pendant. We had several claims in 2020 that centred around losses that occurred while people were out having fun. In one case, a chain broke, and a precious pendant slipped off the lady’s neck. In another, a single diamond earring vanished during the day, only to be discovered when the owner went to remove it at night.


10 - Damage Beyond Repair

Finally, sometimes a piece of jewellery is “lost” because it’s damaged beyond repair: it falls onto a stone walkway or gets run over by a car or suffers damage from a house fire (and yes, our customers have experienced all of these tragedies). In many cases, jewellers can repair the damage, especially if it’s limited to a broken prong or a lost stone. But if the item is a total loss, replacement is the only option.


Fortunately, Q Report jewellery insurance covers loss, and we’re always delighted to provide the happy news that an item will be fully restored to its owner. Instead of feeling despair when you lose a piece of precious jewellery, take a deep breath and give us a call. We’re ready to put things right.

If you don’t yet have specialised insurance for your favourite ring or bracelet or luxury watch, get an instant quote today, or ring us at 1300 882 018.


Mysterious Disappearance Coverage


Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote


Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote




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