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Planning on popping the big question during your next holiday abroad? You may want to think twice about travelling with your luxury watch unless it has adequate cover.


Many people assume their travel insurance will provide cover for their jewellery and watches while they’re out of the country. Unfortunately, people often find out the hard way that their rings and watches weren’t fully covered by their existing policies.


In this post, we’ll guide you through the basics of sorting out your jewellery insurance needs.


What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance focuses primarily on theft and loss, which are the most common types of claims from travellers. These incidences can be particularly painful and inconvenient while travelling, especially if you don’t understand the local laws and language.


Keep in mind that travel insurance plans set limits for the amount covered by theft, especially for the following items:

  • Cameras
  • Electronics
  • Jewellery and watches
  • Furs
  • Sports equipment

Limits for these items vary according to policies. For jewellery, it’s not uncommon to see limits of $700 per item or less.


Will It Be Enough?

For most policies, cover for jewellery is listed under the baggage coverage section.


Travel insurance baggage coverage is designed to provide replacement value for items that are lost, stolen or destroyed on your trip. As you may have guessed, travel insurers set limits for how much they’ll cover, especially when it comes to expensive items like jewellery and electronics.


In general, baggage is usually covered in the range of $500 to $3,000, depending on your level of cover. Your plan probably places a per-item limit on contents, however, and this is where people run into trouble with their jewellery and luxury watches.


Case Study

Carl plans to propose to Miranda in Thailand. He purchased a ring from his family jeweller in Sydney and carefully packed it in his luggage.


After their first night in Thailand, Carl searched his luggage but couldn’t find the ring anywhere. Frantic, he called his travel insurance company and learned that his cover included a $600 limit on individual items included in his baggage. He paid $7,500 for the ring and will recover only a small fraction of the cost.


A Better Alternative

Travel insurance can be beneficial during your holidays or work trips. It can cover medical expenses, general losses and even flight cancellations. When it comes to jewellery, however, travel insurance may not provide you with the protection you need.


Instead of relying on his travel insurance, Carl should have purchased jewellery insurance to protect the engagement ring he bought for Miranda. With Q Report jewellery insurance, Carl would have secured protection along with the following benefits:


Agreed Value Policy

Carl wouldn’t have had to deal with per-item limits. He would have known that the engagement ring was covered for its full replacement value.


Return to Chosen Jeweller

If Carl had Q Report jewellery insurance in the above scenario, he would have been able to return to his family jeweller in Sydney for a replacement ring.


Worldwide Cover

With Q Report jewellery insurance, Miranda’s engagement ring would have been covered no matter where she travelled. Whether in Australia, Thailand or anywhere else, the ring would be covered for theft, loss or damage.


Instant Cover

Without waiting periods or delays, Carl could have insured the ring from the moment he stepped out of the jeweller’s shop. In fact, since he bought it from a Q Certified Jeweller, he could have had it covered from the moment it was purchased.


Avoid having to learn lessons the hard way. Protect your jewellery and luxury watches with Q Report insurance. We love jewellery as much as you do, and we want you to be able to wear your pieces and enjoy them, no matter how far you travel.


Get a free quote to find out how affordable it can be to cover your jewellery.

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