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Nightmare On Claims Street

Q Report Team
Updated on October 06, 2022
3 min read

You won’t find any goblins, ghouls, gremlins or ghosts in this horror story. No, this tale doesn’t need a villain to chill you to the bone. 

As we learned in part one of our jewellery insurance claims series, sometimes, the scariest stories are the most realistic.

From airport accidents to boating blunders, these five claims stories will have you sleeping with the lights on. Welcome to nightmare on claims street.


1. The Drainage Disaster

When Joel arrived to work, he couldn’t have imagined how quickly his day would go down the drain. His wedding ring came loose and was lost in a large drainage infrastructure, eventually being sucked out to sea never to be seen again. 

Thankfully, Joel had decided to protect himself with a Q Report jewellery insurance policy, which quickly put a plug in his sinking feelings. But don’t take our word for it; watch Joel’s story below:




2. The Flight Fiasco

As if a 15-hour flight from Los Angeles to Sydney wasn’t stressful enough already, this unfortunate fiance was about to have the most turbulent flight of her lifetime.

Just as she was preparing to board, she noticed her three-week-old engagement ring was gone. Panicking, she alerted airport staff, who had fellow passengers and even the pilots searching the departure gate, with no luck. With time running out, she had no choice but to board the plane and watch her ring disappear into the distance during takeoff.

When she landed back in Sydney, she discovered her partner had already filed a claim with Q Report and her case was underway.




3. The Boating Blunder

There’s nothing like a day on the water to relax and recharge, or so this lady thought. While enjoying her day at sea, she discovered her diamond ring had been knocked against the sides of the vessel, badly damaging the ring’s claws and bending them out of shape.

Remember, if you lead an active lifestyle and plan to enjoy your jewellery during physical activities, some ring setting styles are more vulnerable to damage than others.



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4. The Timepiece Trip-up 

Our reflexes aren’t always as sharp in the morning, as this unlucky Q Report client discovered the hard way. While getting ready for work, he dropped his heavy watch and shattered its face, which required professional repair. 

Thankfully, he was able to return to his original jeweller as his timepiece was protected with a Q Report watch insurance policy. This policy also granted him cover up to 150% of the watch’s agreed value.



5. The Fire

On a more serious note, this last story just goes to show that you never know what’s around the corner. This unlucky client was struck by a terrible house fire and recovered the crushed remains of her treasured engagement ring from her jewellery box. 

While her jewellery insurance was only a small consolation in the scheme of this tragedy, she was thankful she’d chosen to protect her most beloved items with us. 



Protect Your Jewellery With Specialised Insurance

As you can see, nightmare situations really do happen. Specialised jewellery insurance like Q Report is one of the best ways to protect yourself when tragedy strikes, and soften the blow of events like these.

With a Q Report policy, you’ll join thousands of other savvy Australians who have invested a small amount to protect their priceless items. Our cover includes 12 months worldwide protection, the option to return to your original jewellery for replacement and repair, a low fixed excess of $100 if you need to make a claim, and a free annual revaluation of your items. 

See how little it can cost to protect your most precious items - get a Q Report quote today.


Q report


Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote


Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote




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