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Engagements and weddings don’t follow traditions as steadfastly as they used to. Instead of confining themselves to rules described in etiquette books, modern brides choose their own methods of celebrating.

And one of those modern approaches is buying your own engagement ring.

“What?” you may ask. “Doesn’t that take some of the romance out of the engagement?” Until now, shopping for an engagement ring has fallen under the groom’s domain. But times have changed. The US De Beers Diamond Insight report showed that the share of women purchasing their engagement rings doubled from 7 to 14 per cent between 2013 and 2017. Let’s look at some of the factors behind this trend.


Men Aren’t Always the Higher Earners

Women earn much more now than they did just a generation ago, and in many relationships, women earn more than their partners. If you’re already dividing up other shared expenses, it makes sense to divide up the wedding and engagement costs as well.


Some Women Prefer to Pay Their Own Way

If you’re accustomed to footing the bill for everything else in your life, you might prefer to pay for your engagement ring, too. A self-sufficient woman might feel uncomfortable accepting an expensive ring, knowing that she’s now responsible for a treasure she didn’t pay for. If you can relate, you might want to cover it yourself.


You Want Total Control Over the Decision

Social media has upped the ante in just about every area of our lives. We want our kitchens to look like staged rooms on Pinterest. We want Instagram-like holidays. And we get very definite ideas about engagement rings as well.

Not only have you seen Martha Hunt’s 3-carat cushion-cut diamond on Instagram, but you have a Pinterest board of your own, where you’ve been narrowing down your preferences to the smallest detail. If you’re the type who doesn’t like to leave anything to chance, you might want to buy your own engagement ring.


Your Partner Is Getting Nervous About Finances

Weddings are expensive. As you start to add up the venue, clothes, catering, honeymoon, flowers and photography, the room might feel a bit warm and airless. And it’s not like the wedding is your only expense.

Combining households and starting a new life together requires financial resources as well. If your partner’s blood pressure has been rising due to mounting expenses, share the load by offering to pay for the rings.

As you can see, today’s brides may have many different reasons for buying their own engagement rings. But before you head off to visit the jeweller, consider a few words of warning as well.


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You Both Need to Be on the Same Page

Some men look forward to buying the engagement ring and offering it as a treasured gift to their bride-to-be. They may feel hurt or disappointed if they miss out on this act of generosity. If you decide to go ahead and buy your own ring, make sure your partner won’t feel left out.


Consider the Lack of Sentiment

There’s also a potential loss of sentiment to consider when your partner doesn’t pick out your ring. Try to look twenty or thirty years down the road. Will having a particular style outweigh the fondness of a ring explicitly chosen for you by the one you love?


Engagement Ring Shopping

If you decide to purchase your own engagement ring, it’s time to get ready. Before you go shopping, prepare yourself with a little background knowledge.

For excellent service and selection, consider shopping at a Q Certified jeweller. You’ll be able to purchase our world-class engagement ring insurance directly from the jeweller, and it will be protected from the moment of purchase. You’ll be ready to wear it on your honeymoon with confidence and peace of mind. 

Congratulations on your engagement! We wish you all the very best.


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