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Marriage has been around since the dawn of time, but wedding traditions change constantly. Before Prince Albert walked down the aisle with Queen Victoria (who was wearing a gorgeous white gown), most brides donned colourful dresses. And in the early 20th century, most brides sported wedding rings without diamonds. It wasn’t until De Beers launched its famous “Diamonds are Forever” campaign in 1947 that diamonds became de rigueur for engagement rings.


What about engagement ring and wedding band sets?


Many people today consider these sets to be traditional, but that doesn’t mean brides need to adopt the style. If there’s anything we’ve learned about weddings, it’s that the most successful events are highly personalised to the couple. If you love the tender symbolism of wedding ring sets, you’ve got to check out this incredible gallery of modern engagement ring and wedding band pairings.


Rings with Unique Bands

A coordinating band can take a simple solitaire and turn it into a showstopper. This year we’re seeing wedding bands that feature unique diamond shapes like marquises, baguettes and even unconventional polygons. Some sets include two wedding bands, one for each side of the engagement ring. These intricate designs create a sense of wonder. They’re works of art!




Mixed Metal Sets

The mixed metal trend has taken bridal jewellery by storm over the last few years. There’s something undeniably beautiful about sparkling diamonds combined with contrasting metals.


The delicate femininity of rose gold paired with classic white gold creates a unique and eye catching ring set for the alternative bride. Look for mixed metal sets with floral motifs and graceful haloes.




Diamond Halo Sets

Halo settings have been a popular style for quite some time. More recently we have seen this trend evolve into some unique engagement and wedding ring sets. 


Try pairing a simple diamond engagement ring with two half halo wedding bands for extra sparkle. Why have two rings, when you can have three.




Minimalist Wedding Band Sets

Minimalist sets are perfect for brides who love the idea of a set but don’t want their ring to interfere with an active lifestyle. Instead of choosing an engagement ring with a large centre stone, look for one that maintains a low profile.


Rings with pave stones or flush diamonds will keep a low profile while offering elegance and beauty. Thinner bands have been trendy this year, and they lend themselves well to minimalist design.




Stacked Ring Sets

Another wedding band trend is the appearance of stacked rings. Start with one gorgeous engagement ring, perhaps with a diamond solitaire, and then add another band or two the day of the wedding. With a stacked ring set, you can always add more bands to celebrate weddings, the births of children, or other momentous occasions.


Consider mixing metals in stacked ring sets. A variety of metals and even gemstones creates an eclectic look, giving visual, changeable interest to your wedding ring.




Geometric Sets

Do you love the drama of exciting diamond shapes? If so, take a look at some of the stunning geometric wedding sets featuring trillion, emerald, pear and princess-cut diamonds. In many of these designs, the wedding band cradles the dramatic geometry of the engagement ring, giving added dimension and flair to the design.




It’s an exciting time to shop for an engagement ring and wedding band set. Today’s designs vary widely, so you’ll be able to find the perfect ring to commemorate your commitment. And when you find the ideal bauble, insure it with Q Report jewellery insurance. If you purchase your ring from a Q Certified Jeweller, you can make sure it’s 100% protected from the moment you walk it out of the shop. Get in touch with us to learn more.


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