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Timeless Engagement Rings

Q Report Team
Updated on March 19, 2024
10 min read

Your engagement ring is a symbol of everlasting love and a cherished piece of jewellery that will adorn your finger for a lifetime. Choosing the perfect engagement ring can seem like a daunting task, but fear not! This article delves into ten timeless ring designs that will stand the test of time, ensuring your ring remains a beacon of elegance and style.


10 timeless engagement rings that will stand the test of time and remain eternally stylish

  1. Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring
  2. Three-Stone Diamond Ring
  3. Art Deco-Style Diamond Ring
  4. Pavé Diamond Ring
  5. Birthstone Ring
  6. Round-Cut Diamond Halo Ring
  7. Vintage-Inspired Rings
  8. Stackable Ring
  9. Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring
  10. White Gold Engagement Rings


1. Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring

In the realm of engagement rings, few styles boast the enduring charm and timeless elegance of the classic solitaire ring. Characterised by its singular, central stone—typically a round diamond—this iconic design has proven itself to be a perennial favourite that transcends trends and stands the test of time.

While the classic round diamond is the quintessential choice for a solitaire ring, this design is by no means one-size-fits-all. The solitaire setting accommodates various diamond shapes and cuts, allowing individuals to choose a style that resonates with their unique preferences. Whether it's a princess, oval, or marquise-cut diamond, the solitaire setting provides a canvas for personalisation while maintaining its signature elegance.

Unwavering in its popularity, the solitaire engagement ring continues to captivate the hearts of brides-to-be across generations.

TL;DR Why the Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring won't go out of style:

  • Timeless Simplicity
  • Allure of Minimalism
  • Versatility
  • Enduring Symbolism



Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring

Image by Archer & Holland


2. Three-Stone Diamond Ring

The three-stone diamond ring, or trilogy ring, is a classic design featuring three diamonds mounted on a band. The diamonds can be identical in shape and size or with the two stones on either side of the centre stone slightly smaller.

At the heart of the three-stone diamond ring's timeless allure lies its profound symbolic meaning. The trilogy design, with its trio of diamonds mounted on a band, represents the past, present, and future of a couple's journey together. This enduring symbolism adds a layer of significance that transcends fleeting trends, making the three-stone ring a perpetual choice for those who seek a timeless representation of their love story.

The engagement ring of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is an excellent example of a three-stone diamond ring, featuring a centre diamond sourced from Botswana and two diamonds on either side from Princess Diana’s collection. It is one of the world's most famous engagement rings, and we can see why!

TL;DR Why the Three-Stone Diamond Ring won't go out of style:

  • Symbolic Significance (Past, Present, Future)
  • Royal Endorsements
  • Classic Aesthetics Meets Modern Sophistication

grevillea-no-diamond-band-front-website-version-e1660272493333 (1)

Image by Diamondport Jewellers 


3. Art Deco-Style Diamond Ring

Step into a bygone era of opulence and sophistication with the Art Deco-style diamond ring—an enduring design that has transcended time and fashion trends. Popularised during the Art Deco Era of the early 1910s to 1930s, this iconic ring boasts geometric and symmetrical patterns, creating a statement piece that has become a timeless choice for those seeking to make a lasting impression with their engagement ring.

Despite their vintage roots, Art Deco-style diamond rings possess a remarkable adaptability that allows them to seamlessly integrate into modern fashion. The fusion of historic charm with contemporary style makes these rings a go-to option for individuals seeking a timeless piece that effortlessly complements their personal aesthetic.

TL;DR Why the Art Deco-Style Diamond Ring won't go out of style:

  • Historical Roots of Opulence
  • Geometric Appeal
  • Bold Elegance
  • Modern Adaptability


Untitled (11)

Image by Larsen Jewellery 


4. Pavé Diamond Ring

Timeless elegance meets dazzling brilliance with the pavé diamond ring—a classic design adorned with small diamonds set in close proximity, creating a spectacular visual effect. Derived from the French word for "pavement," pavé rings are crafted to mimic the seamless beauty of a paved road, offering an enduring style that never fails to captivate.

The pavé diamond ring transcends mere adornment; it is a symbol of enduring elegance and everlasting love. The meticulous arrangement of small diamonds closely set together symbolises unity and continuity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a design that reflects the eternal nature of their commitment.

The craftsmanship involved in creating pavé diamond rings is an art form in itself. Jewelers meticulously set each small diamond to achieve a cohesive and continuous surface, reminiscent of a paved road. This dedication to detail and precision not only elevates the visual appeal of the ring but also ensures its durability and longevity, further solidifying its status as a timeless masterpiece.

TL;DR Why the Pavé Diamond Ring won't go out of style:

  • Symbolism in Design
  • French-Inspired Glamour
  • Artistry in Craftsmanship

Untitled (2)

Image by SH Jewellery 


5. Birthstone Ring

The birthstone ring is a unique piece of jewellery that carries deep sentimental value. Featuring a gemstone corresponding to the wearer's birth month, this bespoke design not only adds a personal touch to the engagement ring but also stands as a symbol of cherished memories and meaningful connections.

The birthstone engagement ring is more than a mere accessory; it is a tangible expression of individuality and personal significance. Each month is associated with a distinct gemstone, and selecting a birthstone allows couples to infuse their engagement ring with unique symbolism. This personalised touch ensures that the ring becomes a lasting representation of the wearer's identity, making it a cherished and timeless piece that resonates on a deeply personal level.

The adaptability of birthstone engagement rings in terms of cuts and settings contributes to their timeless charm. Whether set in a classic solitaire, surrounded by accent diamonds, or incorporated into an intricate vintage design, the birthstone's unique color and properties can be showcased in a myriad of ways. This versatility allows the design to evolve with changing preferences while retaining its timeless appeal.

TL;DR Why the Birthstone Ring won't go out of style:

  • Personalised Symbolism
  • Commemorating Milestones
  • Uniquely Personal Aesthetics


Untitled (3)

Image by Bentley De Lisle 


6. Round-Cut Diamond Halo Ring

Step into a world of perpetual glamour and timeless radiance with the round-cut diamond halo ring—a classic design that has consistently captured hearts for decades. Inspired by Queen Alexandra's love for flowers in the early 20th century, this iconic ring features a round-cut diamond at its centre, encircled by smaller diamonds in a halo formation.

At the heart of the round-cut diamond halo ring's timeless allure lies its ability to magnify the brilliance of the centre diamond. The halo formation, consisting of smaller diamonds surrounding the central gem, creates a dazzling display that enhances the overall sparkle and luminosity of the ring. This design innovation ensures that the round-cut diamond halo ring maintains its status as a symbol of enduring sophistication.

The round-cut diamond halo ring creates a more substantial and impressive appearance, making it a go-to choice for those desiring a statement piece. The halo not only adds visual impact but also imparts a sense of grandeur to the ring. This significant and impressive aesthetic ensures that the round-cut diamond halo design transcends fleeting trends, making it a steadfast choice for brides who crave enduring allure.

TL;DR Why the Round-Cut Diamond Halo Ring won't go out of style:

  • Royal Inspiration
  • Enhanced Brilliance of Centre Diamond
  • Impressive Statement Piece


Untitled (4)

Image by Diamond Boutique 


7. Vintage-Inspired Rings

When shopping for engagement rings, "vintage" typically refers to the ring's design rather than age. The rings hold the elegance and charm of the past while incorporating modern elements for a contemporary feel.

In the realm of vintage design, the rose cut style ring emerges as a standout, featuring an antique diamond with a flat bottom and a domed top adorned with 24 facets arranged in a rose-like pattern.

Vintage-inspired engagement rings epitomise the concept that beauty knows no age. Unlike traditional definitions, "vintage" in the context of engagement rings refers to the design rather than the age of the ring. These rings seamlessly weave the elegance and charm of the past into the present, creating a harmonious blend that transcends fleeting trends. The result is an engagement ring with a timeless quality that remains eternally stylish.

TL;DR Why Vintage-Inspired Rings won't go out of style:

  • Truly Timeless
  • Nostalgia
  • Individuality in Design

Untitled (13)

Image by Arbor


8. Stackable Ring

At the heart of the stackable ring trend lies the opportunity for unparalleled personalisation. A design trend that transcends time and offers a unique canvas for personal style. Designed to be worn together, stackable rings empower you to craft a look that is distinctly yours, providing a creative avenue to express your personality through your engagement and wedding rings.

A testament to the enduring popularity of stackable rings is seen in the iconic collection worn by Jennifer Aniston. Her rings, featuring a combination of gold and diamond bands in varying widths and styles, have become synonymous with timeless elegance and personalised flair. The celebrity endorsement further solidifies stackable rings as a classic choice that remains eternally stylish.

TL;DR Why Stackable Rings won't go out of style:

  • Creative Expression
  • Uniquely Yours
  • Iconic Celebrity Endorsements

Untitled (5)

Image by Temple & Grace 


9. Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring

This Emerald-cut diamond ring is considered one of the most elegant choices for your engagement ring. A design that exudes sophistication and remains a classic choice for engagement rings. Characterised by its square or rectangular shape with beveled corners, the emerald cut has proven to stand the test of time.

The enduring popularity of the emerald-cut diamond ring is exemplified by iconic examples, such as the 'second' engagement ring of Kim Kardashian from Kanye West. Featuring a substantial 20-carat emerald-cut diamond with step-cut facets, this ring has become one of the most celebrated celebrity engagement rings of recent years. Despite the unfortunate incident of a robbery (hopefully it was insured!) the enduring legacy of this emerald-cut ring further solidifies its status as a timeless and iconic symbol of love.

TL;DR Why Emerald-Cut Diamond Rings won't go out of style:

  • Sculpted Elegance
  • Iconic Celebrity Examples
  • Versatility in Size

Untitled (6)

Image by York Jewellers


10. White Gold Engagement Rings 

The White Gold Engagement Ring is a choice that transcends fashion trends and effortlessly maintains its classic allure. Renowned for its versatility, this precious metal complements every skin tone and serves as an ideal backdrop for classic white diamonds.

White gold's innate ability to exude modern elegance contributes to its timeless allure. The clean and contemporary look of this metal aligns effortlessly with modern fashion sensibilities, making it an excellent choice for brides-to-be who seek a ring that not only stands the test of time but also embraces a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. The modern elegance of white gold ensures that it remains a timeless and relevant choice for generations to come.

TL;DR Why White Gold Engagement Rings won't go out of style:

  • Universal Versatility
  • Perfect Canvas for Diamonds
  • Modern Elegance
  • Lasting Lifetime Appeal

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 4.42.00 pm

Image by Franco Jewellers 



When choosing an engagement ring, you want to love your ring for decades to come. Classic designs have been adored throughout history and have always remained stylish. Each has unique charm and appeal, from the iconic solitaire diamond ring to vintage-inspired rings.

However, ensuring your ring is the only way to make it truly timeless. Investing in a precious piece of jewellery also means protecting it from loss, damage, or theft. This is where Q Report can provide peace of mind. With Q Report, you can ensure that your treasured ring is protected with comprehensive coverage and a fast and easy claims process.

Don't let the fear of losing your precious jewellery keep you from enjoying your ring. Get an instant quote from Q Report today and confidently show off that ring.


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