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Ah, summer - that carefree time of year when sandals rein and the sun keeps us out late into the evening. While you let your hair down, however, it’s important to remember to take extra precautions with your engagement ring. 

Fine jewellery meets with more accidents during the summer, and it’s not surprising. From snorkelling to rock climbing, we’re out and about, having fun and making memories. Let’s try to keep those memories positive by instilling a few jewellery-safe habits into your summer enjoyment.


Take Your Ring Off When Applying Sunscreen

About two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70, so applying sunscreen is a must. But you should also know that sunscreen causes buildup on your engagement ring that can discolour it and dim its lustre.

What to do? Simply remove your ring when you slather up with sunscreen. It’s best to apply your sunscreen at home or in your hotel room, so you don’t set your bauble down somewhere questionable. And that leads us to the next tip…


Store Your Ring Properly

What do you do with your engagement ring while you’re not wearing it? Whether at home or on holiday, prepare a safe spot for the times when you can’t wear your ring.

At home, stash your ring in a clean, cushioned jewellery box. To keep your sparkler shiny and new, choose a box with soft felt or velvet that won’t scratch the metal. 


While travelling, store your rock in a secure jewellery organiser that has compartments to prevent pieces from knocking against each other. Remember that jewellery theft takes place even in the best hotels, so speak with the concierge about safe storage for your ring. Take advantage of security amenities like safes. You’ll need secure storage for days when you head out to the beach.


Don’t Wear Your Engagement Ring When You Swim

When that sparkling blue water beckons, take a moment to safely stow your engagement ring before you dive in. Why? Chlorine and saltwater can damage gold and platinum. Your day in the surf could also compromise the polish of your gemstone, leaving it scratched or cloudy.

The most significant swimming danger, however, is losing your ring while you blissfully splash in the water. Coldwater causes fingers to constrict, and rings don’t fit the same under these conditions. It’s not uncommon for rings to slide right off, and the owners often don’t realise it until much later.

Don’t let the stain of tragedy tinge a beautiful summer day. Play in the water to your heart’s content, knowing your engagement ring is safely stashed in the safe back at your hotel.


Take Care with Sports

Many of us participate in most sports during the summer months. Should you be worried about your engagement ring when you swing a racquet or run in a race?

Wearing your ring in a cardio class shouldn’t be a problem, but lifting weights can cause wear and tear. The pressure of the dumbells against your band can bend the metal or cause pave stones to pop out of their settings. To play it safe, remove your ring before heading to the gym.

With many sports, your engagement ring will be just fine. Others, like tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, baseball, golf and swimming, are risky at best. Here’s a handy rule of thumb: if you wear a glove, get your hands wet or risk jamming a finger, take your ring off. You’ll be safer. And without worrying about your ring, you may even play better!


Clean Your Ring Regularly

With gorgeous weather enticing us outside, we’re more likely to get our hands dirty. We dig in our gardens and build sandcastles. All of these activities lead to a bit more dust and grime than usual.

So treat your sparkler with extra care. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep your rock glistening when you establish a regular cleaning routine. Watch this quick video to learn how; Our CEO Rami shares his expertise.


And that’s it! With a nod to your ring’s safety and security, you’ll enjoy the summer without any mishaps (probably). Of course, the unexpected does still happen. If it does, give us a ring. We’re here to help. And if you haven’t yet insured your engagement ring, get a Q Report instant online quote today. 

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