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Planning a Perth proposal? Congrats! From luscious beaches to charming neighbourhood bars, Perth has plenty of intriguing settings for your big ask.

We've put together a list of Perth's top ten proposal locations. Hopefully, one of these locales suits you and your sweetheart perfectly.


1. Port Beach, North Fremantle

Port Beach is one of the loveliest spots along Perth's superb coastline with lush white sand and lapping waves. If you time your proposal just right, you could drop to your knee with twinkling lights from the Fremantle docks behind you in the warm glow of a stunning sunset.

Port Beach's crystal clear waters and salty sea breezes will forever remind you of the day you proclaimed your undying love. And if the wind picks up, you can always swing into one of the hospitable establishments for a quick drink before bringing out the engagement ring.


2. Grant Street Beach, Cottesloe

If you love the idea of a beach proposal but want a more private atmosphere, Grant Street Beach might fit the bill. Just a few kilometres north of Cottesloe, the Swanbourne beach at the end of Grant Street boasts all the luminous white sand and crashing surf of its famous neighbour, but you'll see a fraction of the crowds.

It's much more fitting for a romantic stroll on the beach that ends with a glorious 'Yes!' You might want to consider taking a blanket or towels down to nestle into one of the cave-like spots along the beach. Then, after sharing a charming picnic lunch, you can take a deep breath and pop the question. Just make sure you keep that ring away from the sand! 



3. Lesmurdie Falls

And for even more solitude, head up to the hills and propose near Lesmurdie Falls. You'll feel like you're the only two people in the world. The falls themselves are gorgeous, but the surrounding bushland is also vibrant and full of colour.

After committing to your love, you can walk back down together, listening to the babble of the tranquil creek and contemplating your forever future.



4. King's Park and Botanic Garden

The trouble with proposing at King's Park is that it's difficult to choose the perfect spot. Will you guide your love to the sweeping views of the Swan and Canning River, or dazzle her with a first glimpse of the engagement ring in front of the sparkling city skyline? Alternatively, you could propose in one of the many spectacular botanical gardens or under a clandestine shade tree. Maybe the best option is to wander through the iconic park until a spot speaks to you and then confess your undying love.



5. Pickering Brook

It's easy to overlook the beauties of your hometown. But, if you haven't driven around Pickering Brook and Canning Mills in a while, you might be surprised to find stunning locations for a proposal.

When the summer sunlight flickers through the leafy trees as you cruise along the winding roads, you can't help but feel romantic and optimistic about the future. Spread a blanket on one of the sprawling lawns in front of an orchard, and enjoy all the heady feels of a once-in-a-lifetime 'will you marry me?'


6. Sandalford Estate

If you're looking for a sophisticated, rustic vibe, look no further than the oldest winery in the Swan Valley region. Sandalford Estate has only grown better with age, just like the two of you will do in your walk through life together. From rolling lawns to sprawling vineyards, you'll have plenty of beauty to explore during your magical day.



7. Wildflower Restaurant

Wildflower occupies the spectacular rooftop space of COMO The Treasury, putting you and your beloved at the top of the world. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner against sweeping views of the Swan River and the city of Perth. 

The chef's contemporary dishes focus on native ingredients and 'delicate seasonality'. An afternoon or evening of luxury is the perfect way to launch your new beginning. Call ahead to explain your proposal plans, and the staff will help smooth your experience.



8. Swallow Bar

On the other hand, if you'd prefer a more down-to-earth, indoor location for your big ask, consider proposing in this fun-loving little bar and kitchen. Swallow Bar feels distinctly Australian. It even has eucalyptus trees towering over the back courtyard wall.

It's a quaint, romantic, intimate sort of place, perfect for reaching your hand across the table and proclaiming your love with the afternoon sun streaming through the windows. You might even get a round of congratulatory hugs from the bar staff.



9. Boranup Forest

For a unique place to Pop the Q, head out to the Boranup Forest, one of Perth's most dramatically scenic spots. With enormous karri trees towering over the two of you, you'll already be in a state of awe. Then, after your future is secure, you can walk hand-in-hand through the trees, breathing in the sweet scents of orchids and eucalyptus, listening to the peaceful refrains of twittering birds.



10. Salmon Bay on Rottnest Island

For a day of breathless wonder, catch the Rottnest Express ferry from Perth (two hours) or Fremantle (half an hour). Once there, you can rent a bicycle-built-for-two and pedal around the sea-breezy island--the ultimate in cute togetherness. 

If you love snorkelling, Salmon Bay is a stand-out location. You could spend a few hours exploring pockets of reef full of seaweed, corals and Western Buffalo Bream fish. Then, refreshed from your dip and full of carefree happiness, it's time for that once-in-a-lifetime question.


Take Care of That Ring!

An engagement ring provides a stunning focal point for a picture-perfect proposal, but many of these locations pose dangers to jewellery. So to protect your ring from theft, damage and loss, insure it with Q Report insurance.

Before you ever set foot on that sandy beach, enfold your engagement ring in specialised jewellery insurance that provides

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Coverage for theft, loss, mysterious disappearance, damage and natural disasters
  • Complimentary annual revaluation
  • Agreed value policy
  • Additional 50% cover
  • No-impact claims
  • In-house claims consultants
  • Low, fixed $100 excess
  • Return to your original jeweller

When you purchase an engagement ring from a Q Certified jeweller, you can insure it from the point of purchase. But no matter where you buy it, you can get in touch with us and secure the ultimate protection for that sparkler. Start with a free, instant quote.

We wish you all the best with your upcoming Perth proposal. May everything turn up roses!

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