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These Marriage Proposal Ideas Are Special.

Q Report Team
Updated on March 19, 2024
13 min read

Your partner is unique, special, one-of-a-kind. So your proposal should be exceptional as well. And while the tried-and-true traditions have definite appeal (candlelight dinners and sunset walks), perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more memorable.

You’ve come to the right place! We’ve heard some wild proposal stories over the years, and this is a compilation of the best.


1 - Photo Booth Proposal


Here’s the quandary. You’d love to have pictures of that special moment, but you don’t want to disrupt the moment’s intimacy by inviting a friend with a camera. Why not propose in a photo booth? In four precious frames, you’ll capture her surprise and delight. Your children’s children will love to look at such a marvellous memento.

Tip: Invite family and friends to sneak up to the photo booth while the two of you are inside. Everyone can congratulate you while the excitement is fresh.


2 - A Walk Down Memory Lane


Before you start thinking about forever, why not take your beloved on a walk through your past? Put together a box of treasured memories. You could include tickets to performances you attended together and photos of fun times you’ve shared. Write a note for each item in the box. When she’s full of nostalgic bliss, propose with the ring you’ve carefully chosen.

Tip: Play “your song” as she sorts through the treasures in the box.


3 - A Love Song


Why do so many popular songs focus on love? Maybe it’s because love makes us want to sing! Brush off your guitar or ukulele and write a song for your partner. End the song with your heartfelt proposal.

Tip: If you think you’ll be too nervous about singing when the moment arrives, record it ahead of time and play it for her on your phone.


4 - A Higher Love


If the two of you enjoy climbing, coordinate with the managers at the climbing wall for a unique, high drama proposal. Carefully place the engagement ring at the top of the wall. When she climbs to the top, she’ll retrieve it, and her heart will flutter all the way back down to the ground.

Tip: Consider taping the box to the top of the wall, just in case the wall gets jostled during the climb.


5 - Movie Trailer


Make a short movie about your relationship and commitment. Then, rent out a movie theatre and show your creation as a trailer before the actual film. At the end of your trailer, get down on one knee and pop the question.

Tip: Invite your family and friends to the showing, but have them all sit behind you. She won’t realise they’re all there until it’s time to offer their congratulations.

6 - Merry-Go-Round


While your partner enjoys the ride, stand to the side with a stack of pre-made papers. Each paper should have a letter on it. They spell M-A-R-R-Y M-E-? Each time she comes around, she sees another letter. When the ride ends, stand at the gate with the engagement ring.

Tip: Not a fan of carousels? Try another ride at the amusement park. From the top of a Ferris wheel, you can see forever; doesn’t that sound like a perfect spot? Just don’t drop the ring!


7 - A Website Proposal


If you’re good with web design, create an interactive website that walks your partner through a series of memorable photographs before she sees your proposal. You could also devise an online quiz that ends with one extraordinary question.

Tip: Pretend to ask her to check out a cool website you found, and then get ready with the ring.


8 - A Caricature Proposal


Make arrangements with a street caricaturist to add the words, “Will you marry me?” to a drawing of the two of you. When you stroll up to the artist on the street, she won’t know what’s in store, but you will.

Tip: When the artist hands her the picture, that’s the time to drop to your knee with the ring.


9 - Puzzle Proposal


Have a custom jigsaw puzzle made with your image and the words “Marry me?” On a rainy afternoon, suggest that the two of you sit down and work on a puzzle. When you’ve finished enough that she can clearly read the words, it’s time to propose.

Tip: If puzzles aren’t your thing, suggest a game of Scrabble. You can spell out the words and wait for her reaction.

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10 - A Cake Display


Talk to a baker or pastry chef about making a custom cake with your proposal written in icing. Ask the shop owner if she can display the cake in the storefront. Take your partner window-shopping and pull out the ring when she reads the cake.

Tip: Box up the cake and take it home to celebrate with family and friends.


11 - At-Work Proposal


Sneak (with permission, of course) into your soon-to-be fiance’s office or classroom early in the morning. Write your proposal on her whiteboard or desk. Stay hidden from view until she shows up, and then propose with the ring.

Tip: Bring flowers and a vase to leave on her desk after you have to leave for the day. 


12 - Special Delivery


If you’re a funny couple, try this proposal on for size. Cut out the bottom of a refrigerator box, wrap it with pretty paper and a huge bow, and attach a note that reads, “Inside this box is a gift to last forever.” Then “deliver” yourself to your parter’s doorstep.

Tip: You might need assistance with ringing the doorbell and getting inside the box. Bring an assistant (who can also double as the photographer).


13 - A High-Flying Proposal


Head out to the beach on a windy day with a kite. She won’t know it, but you’ve spelt out the words, “Marry me?” on the kite’s underside. As it flies aloft, she’ll read your message, and you can relish her squeals of joy.

Tip: Keep the ring securely inside its box instead of slipping it into your pocket by itself. Beaches can be dangerous for engagement rings.


14 - A “Ruined” Surprise Party


On your partner’s birthday, plan a “surprise party.” Then, pretend to ruin the surprise by having all the guests arrive early. The real shocker comes when you propose, and your loved ones show up to celebrate both a birthday and an engagement.

Tip: Choose your friends with the best acting skills to show up early. 


15 - Spooky Proposal


Throw a Halloween party for your family and friends, and incorporate a jack-o’-lantern carving contest into the activities.

Give everyone time to carve their pumpkins and reveal the results. Unveil your pumpkin carved with a proposal last.

Tip: After she says “yes,” pull out bride and groom costumes that the two of you can wear.

16 - Ski Lift Proposal


Write phrases in the snow that will be visible to you and your partner as you ride the ski lift up the slope. Need ideas about what to write? Try dates or milestones from your relationship, pet names for each other and titles of songs you love. Write “Will You Marry Me?” for the last message at the top. 

Tip: Consider using food colouring to make your message easier to read from above, and make sure the safety bar is lowered when you propose!


17 - Home Renovation Proposal


Home is where the heart is, and this proposal takes that aphorism literally. If you’re purchasing a house to fix up, decorate the walls with messages of love (you’re going to paint the whole property anyway). After giving her time to read your words, pull out the ring and make it official.

Tip: Leave a trail of rose petals to guide her to the place where you want to propose.


18 - Next-Level First Date


Recreate your first date in a more scenic location. Was your first date in a coffee shop? If so, reinvent that date in a field of flowers. You could transport a couple of comfy chairs and a table to your favourite park or seaside location. It’s a next-level effort at romanticism, and your efforts will be handsomely repaid.

Tip: Time your proposal with the sunrise or sunset for an ethereal atmosphere.


19 - Girls Night Out? Not!


Throw her completely off your trail by conspiring with her friends for a surprise proposal. Get friends to run interference and take her on a night out before you unexpectedly show up to propose.

Tip: Ask your friends to take pictures and video. You’ll have a 360-view of the entire event.


20 - A Sky-High Proposal


Embrace your inner Adam Sandler and propose at 35,000 feet (maybe Billy Idol will even be there a la The Wedding Singer). 

Plan a romantic getaway for two, and when you’re on the plane, ask the flight attendants if you can use the loudspeaker system for popping the question.

Tip: Bring your ukulele and sing, “I Wanna Grow Old With You.”


21 - A Vespa Tour


Take a Vespa tour on a vacation or even around your hometown. It’s a romantic, memorable way to spend the afternoon, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities for snapshots.

Tip: For the big moment: place the ring box inside your partner’s helmet, and then hand it to them while you’re down on one knee.


22 - A Dance Club "I Do"


If your girl likes to party all the time, take her out dancing. While she’s preoccupied, ask the DJ to pass you the mic so you can dedicate a song and pop the question on the dance floor. Those diamonds will sparkle beneath the disco lights, and you can celebrate the night away.

Tip: Call ahead and discuss your plans with the DJ.


23 - A Full-Page Ad


Maybe you’re the kind of couple that likes to read the paper over coffee in the morning. If so, why not shock your beloved in the most unsuspecting way.

Take out a full-page ad in your hometown newspaper, and then have the camera ready for when they turn the page to your bold declaration of love and sincere proposal. Then, after the wedding is over, you can frame the newspaper and hang it on your wall.

Tip: Have your coffee at your favourite cafe, and invite your friends or family to sit discreetly nearby so they can all celebrate with you.


24 - Photo Booth Proposal


Here’s the quandary. You’d love to have pictures of that special moment, but you don’t want to disrupt the moment’s intimacy by inviting a friend with a camera. Why not propose in a photo booth? In four precious frames, you’ll capture her surprise and delight. Your children’s children will love to look at such a marvellous memento.

Tip: Invite family and friends to sneak up to the photo booth while the two of you are inside. Everyone can congratulate you while the excitement is fresh.


25 - A Sweet (Tooth) Proposal



Bake a batch of cupcakes together to celebrate a holiday. While she’s busy decorating them, pull out a second batch you’ve already decorated that spell out, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Discreetly line them up next to the ones you’re creating, and when she notices, pull out the ring.

Tip: Share the cupcakes with friends and neighbours as you go out to share your exciting news.

26 - Straight to the Head of the Class


If your partner is a student or teacher, sneak into the classroom early and write your proposal on the chalkboard. Of course, you might need to secure the permission of the school’s headmaster first. 

Stay out of sight until everyone shows up, and when your partner reads the board, jump out of your hiding place with a bouquet of roses and that gorgeous sparkler.

Tip: Enlist some of the students to help you decorate the chalkboard; then everyone is in on the secret.

27 - A Puppy Proposal


Show your long-term commitment by surprising your partner with a pet they’ve always wanted. For example, you could put the pup under the Christmas tree and place a tag on its collar announcing your proposal.

Tip: Pets are a long-term commitment, so unless you're absolutely sure you're both ready to be new puppy parents, try another tactic on this list.

28 - Declare Your Fiery Passion


If fireworks are the only fitting way to communicate your explosive passion, then work with a pyrotechnician to create a proposal made of sparklers. For example, you could time your display to coordinate with a local fireworks show (maybe on New Year’s Eve?), and just when the magical show finishes up, she sees a display of sparklers that reads, “Will you marry me?”

Tip: Talk with the pyrotechnician about the best place for your partner to stand where she’ll be able to read the message.

29 - Write a Proposal Song


Not everyone can pull this off, but if you’re creative and musical, you just might melt her heart (and that’s the goal here, isn’t it?). Maybe the song begins as a sweet, general love song. But as it progresses, the song’s purpose is unmistakable. By the end, she should be ready to accept without you even singing the last words. 

Tip: If you’re too nervous to perform it live, record yourself singing the song and play it for your partner.

30 - Karaoke Kiss


Suppose you don’t have the skills to pull off an original song. Instead, fall back on an old classic. No one can resist a good singalong. Just give the DJ your request and get up to do your thing. You can propose at the beginning or the end of your performance, but just remember that the whole pub will be watching, and everyone will celebrate your special moment.

Tip: Take your best friends along so they can be part of your special day.

31 - High Drama


Do you love visiting the theatre together? Reach out to a local theatre company and ask them to participate in your proposal. They might have some spectacular ideas of their own, but if not, try this:

Ask the company to announce your partner’s name at the end of their performance. Then, have them tell her that they need to ask her a question. Then, you can turn around and present the ring—sheer theatrical magic.

Tip: Ask friends to come along and snap pictures of the proposal.

32 - Radio Proposal


If you and your partner commute to work together in the morning, capitalise on that special time together. Reach out to the radio station ahead of time and ask if the host could deliver a proposal on your behalf.

Then you have to make some plans. First, you have to be ready, tuned in, and not talking over the DJ. Second, you need to pull over quickly so you can pull out the ring and kiss your love safely. 

Tip: Start working on the plans for this proposal several weeks before you want to pop the question.

33 - Fortune Cookie


It’s a simple idea and can be incorporated into other proposal ideas (like recreating your first date). Make some fortune cookies, and insert your big ask in one of the homemade cookies. After your meal, pull out the cookies and make sure she gets the right one. When she reads it, pull out that gorgeous sparkler.

Tip: If you’re not good at baking, enlist a friend or family member to help.

34 - Back to Nature


Some people don’t want a public proposal; they’re much more comfortable with an intimate conversation among the fire lights. If this is you, camping makes an excellent setting for the big question. Build a campfire, set out some delicious food and drinks, and pick the right moment. 

Tip: Bring a Bluetooth speaker along to play romantic music in the background.

35 - Sunset on the Dock


Create an everlasting moment by enjoying an evening picnic on your favourite dock. Then, as the sun sets in all its blazing glory, unveil that beautiful engagement ring and express your hopes for the future. 

Tip: Be extra careful handling the ring when you’re on the dock.

36 - A Treasure Hunt


If your partner loves clues and riddles, she might love a proposal treasure hunt. You can design each clue to remind her of special moments you’ve shared or things you cherish about her. The quest should take her from place to place until, at the final destination, there’s a proposal. 

Tip: Do a test run of the treasure hunt to work out the kinks before the big day.

Learn how you can insure your engagement ring with Q Report jewellery insurance. Whether you propose on a climbing wall, a mountain top or on an overseas sandy beach, the ring will be protected. Best wishes to the two of you! We’re here to help.


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