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Barbell bungles, driveway disasters, cleaning calamities and more - there are countless ways your precious jewellery can fall victim to bumps and bruises. Even the most cautious jewellery owners can sometimes be struck by unforeseeable events that leave them out of luck and out of pocket.


The following five claim stories came from real Q Report customers, who were each left extremely grateful they'd chosen to protect themselves with our comprehensive jewellery insurance.


1. The Barbell Bungle

Precious jewellery and rigorous exercise aren't a match made in heaven, as this cringe-worthy claim story shows. This bride-to-be wore her new engagement ring while lifting weights at the gym, thinking she could protect it by simply turning the diamond to the inside of her hand. A few dumbbell-raises later, and she discovered the ring had been bent out of shape in her palm.


The moral of the story? If you're working out, don't wear it out! And this doesn't mean leaving the ring in the gym locker, either. Ensure you keep it safely locked away at home.


Exercise isn't only a common culprit of jewellery damage; it's also a common cause of loss. Sweat, water and sunscreen can loosen your ring and leave it lost on the gym floor, or worse, the ocean floor. Not to mention the damage these substances can cause to the lustre of your ring metal.


If you lead an active lifestyle or work a lot with your hands, there are a few diamond setting styles that provide more protection to the stone than traditional prong settings. For example, bezel-set rings surround the entire perimeter of the diamond, leaving less of the gem exposed to damage than Tiffany or other ornate setting styles.




2. The Driveway Disaster

This next claim story goes to show that freak accidents really do happen sometimes, so it pays to protect your jewellery with comprehensive cover.


She was carrying her diamond ring in a jewellery pouch, which dropped off her lap as she got in her car. She started the ignition, put it in drive, rolled forward and heard a heart-breaking 'crunch' as she ran over the pouch on the ground!


Needless to say, the ring was just about destroyed, and the lady was in complete disbelief at her rotten bad luck. Thankfully, she was protected with a Q Report policy, which allowed her to have her precious piece artfully repaired by the very same jeweller who created it in the first place.




Bespoke Jewellery Insurance


3. The Cleaning Calamity

Cleaning your jewellery is a great way to ensure your ring stays sparkling like the day you bought it, however it's also a delicate process. Soap, water and small stones are a recipe for slipperiness, as this lady found out first hand.


While cleaning her ring, it popped from her hands and dropped to the floor. To make matters worse, she then stepped on it and caused a section of the ring setting to snap!


Don't let this deter you from caring for your jewellery with regular cleaning. With the right preparation and technique, your cleaning can ensure your precious item stays lustrous, and identify any small imperfections before they become serious issues.

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4. The Boy and the Bracelet

They might be your little angels, but young children are best kept away from your expensive jewellery. This unlucky customer learnt that lesson the hard way; through an expensive diamond bracelet snapped into multiple pieces! 


Small jewellery items can also be a choking hazard for infants, so keep your precious pieces to yourself.


Thankfully, this mother salvaged all of the diamonds from the snapped bracelet and had them refashioned into another piece of jewellery.




5. The Snag and Snap

And finally, a perfect example of one of the simplest and most common causes of jewellery damage - snagging on clothes. In this case, a catch on her leather jacket snapped the tip of the ring basket, causing the diamond to fall out and disappear.


This claim resulted in the customer needing to replace her piece entirely, and she's certainly not alone in this situation. Snags are a common and overlooked danger. Some ring styles, like prong and ornate settings, are more vulnerable to catching than others.


Bezel and flush settings provide less uneven surfaces for clothes to snag on, and more general protection of the stone. If you're worried about your ability to protect your jewellery from everyday wear and tear, these styles may be a suitable choice.




How to Protect Your Jewellery

Want to protect your precious jewellery from mishaps like these? We believe your jewellery should be worn and enjoyed with confidence, not locked in a box under the bed. That's why at Q Report, we're committed to providing quality jewellery insurance that protects your precious items from loss and damage, even while you travel overseas.


If the unimaginable does happen, we give you the option to return to your original jeweller for replacement, because we know your sentimental jewellery is worth much more than a dollar amount. 


See how little it can cost to protect your priceless items - get an instant online jewellery insurance quote today:


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