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You may have an inkling, a feeling that your partner is about to propose to you soon, or you may even have a glimpse of what the ring finger may one day hold--our Beginner's Guide to Diamond Setting in Engagement Rings is going to make this journey a little easier for you. Follow our guide to better understand the different styles of diamond settings to ensure you get the perfect symbol of your commitment.


What is Diamond Setting?

The term diamond setting refers to the fixture of a stone. For instance, a prong setting showcases your diamond in a metal cup––a collet. The collet is soldered to the ring's band and held by prongs (a claw or a basket), which are bent to keep it firmly in place. Conversely, a tension setting doesn't use prongs; the band holds the centre stone.




Popular Setting Styles

Vintage-Inspired Diamond Setting

Vintage diamond settings are effortlessly timeless. An elegance passed down from generation to generation, ready to adorn the finger of the next bride to wed. While it sounds perfect, reality may differ. Genuine vintage pieces may become delicate and prone to damage if not cared for properly.

Enter the vintage-inspired diamond ring setting––designed to give their wearers the luxury of a brand-new engagement ring with vintage styling. Unlike modern styles, a vintage-inspired ring setting will mimic the styles of eras gone by.

Asymmetrical Diamond Setting

If it's the uniqueness you're after, this may be the perfect setting to hold your diamond—or two. The asymmetrical diamond setting is a unique and creative style that stands out from traditional rings, featuring two or more diamonds set in a variety of shapes and sizes, creating a unique and eye-catching look.

The asymmetrical setting is perfect for those who want to make a bold and modern statement with their jewellery.

Bar Set Diamond Setting

Bar settings allow the diamond to sit between two straight, parallel bars. This setting is more popular with straight-sided diamonds, as it accentuates their geometry. Although it reflects a minimal and modern design, it is particularly delicate regarding security in its wearability and may be better suited to smaller stone accents.

Bezel Diamond Setting

Unlike its solitaire counterpart, which holds its stone using prongs, the bezel setting surrounds the diamond with a thin metal outline. The stone may have either a full bezel or a half bezel. Aside from beauty, with the metal rim protecting the stone from damage, the bezel setting is ideal for frequent long-term wear.

Cluster Diamond Setting

Cluster diamond ring settings comprise a collection of smaller diamonds arranged in a cluster, often surrounding a centre stone. Cluster diamond ring settings are becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings, providing an understated but beautiful look. They are full of personality, sparkly and offer a unique take on the traditional engagement ring.

Three-Stone Diamond Setting

Often compared to your relationship's past, present, and future, the three-stone diamond setting is a classic. The often desired 'big ring' look is achievable with this setting as the diamonds spread across your finger––glittering all the more. That said, you'll want to keep your diamond size in mind. Why? Three diamonds equal three times the cost!

Halo Diamond Setting

The halo setting is said to be one of the most beautiful styles to grace the hand of those to be wed. A series of sparkling pave diamonds surround your centre stone, making it pop with the added benefit of it looking bigger than it is. This elevated setting radiates a majestic brilliance, making it the perfect choice for a bride's special day.

Solitaire Diamond Setting

Ultimately classic and designed to hold a single, sparkling diamond, the solitaire diamond setting is the perfect choice for those looking for a timeless, elegant look. Whether it be a brilliant round or princess cut, this popular diamond setting will always be a winner that garners a Yes!


The Added Influence

When considering the ideal setting for your precious engagement stone, consider the following aspects influencing your ring's overall design.

Band Thickness

While a thin band is beautifully dainty and allows your diamond to be the centre of attention, remember that you'll wear this band daily. Hence, security and comfort are essential, depending on your profession. Ultimately the width choice is yours!

Band Shape

The part of the band that wraps around your finger is called the ring shank, and its profile can vary widely––round, square, or even a knife edge that is flat inside but has a subtle edge on the outside. 


Pronounced "pa-vay", this band is literally "paved" with diamonds, and the options for laying them out are plentiful. The band can be covered in its entirety, take the form of a halo, or cover the shoulders of your band. The choice is yours.


Engagement rings often won't sit perfectly flush against your wedding band, leaving a slight gap. Take this into consideration when deciding on your engagement ring style if it may bother you.



While choosing the right setting depends on the size of your diamond and its cut, it ultimately comes down to your style. Taking out a standalone engagement ring insurance policy will protect your beautiful ring, regardless of which setting you have chosen––and keep you covered if it becomes damaged, lost or stolen.

With Q Report, you can feel safe knowing your valuable jewellery is protected. Click here to get an instant quote, or call us on 1300 882 018. We are always happy to help. 


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