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Bringing your jewellery and watch collection on your travels isn't merely a display of luxury – it's a celebration of your passion for the finer things in life. 

Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, your prized diamonds and timepieces are more than accessories; they transform your travel experience and enrich your journey with elegance and style.

Picture yourself dining at an exclusive restaurant in Paris, your diamond earrings shimmering in the candlelight. Or perhaps you're at an exotic island resort, your luxury watch a testament to a jetsetting lifestyle.

While these gems and timepieces enhance your travels, they also demand proper protection. In this article, we explore how to safely travel with your diamonds and watches, knowing they’re insured every step of the way.

Why Travelling With Your Valuables Demands Specialised Insurance

Travelling with diamonds and timepieces may add a touch of elegance and luxury to your adventures. But it does require careful consideration.

Beyond the obvious risks like theft, loss, and accidental damage, statistics reveal that travel poses unique threats to these precious valuables.

In a recent survey, a shocking 80% of travellers revealed they’d had valuables lost or stolen on holiday, while over half did not claim on their travel insurance policies.

Compared to the safe confines of home security, travel introduces uncertainties and potential vulnerabilities that necessitate meticulous insurance protection.

A specialised insurance policy tailored to travel is essential to ensure your treasured companions are safeguarded against these threats. 

Find more tips in our blog, Traveling with Your Jewellery - Tips for Safety on the Road.

Travel Insurance vs Specialised Jewellery Insurance: What You Need to Know

When you’re searching for protection on your overseas adventure, travel insurance and jewellery insurance are the two clear choices. Here’s what they include and how they differ: 

Travel Insurance for Diamonds and Watches

  • Limited Coverage With Sub-Limits: Travel insurance typically offers some coverage for jewellery and watches, but with sub-limits, meaning you may not get the full value of your precious items.

  • Exclusions For Specific Jewellery Types: Travel insurance may exclude certain types of jewellery, such as high-value items, leaving them unprotected.

  • Accidental Damage Protection: Travel insurance usually provides some protection for accidental damage to jewellery or watches, but may not cover full repair or replacement costs.

  • Restricted Activities: Travel insurance policies may have restrictions on coverage during certain activities, which could leave your valuables vulnerable.

  • Higher Excess Rates: You may face higher excess rates with travel insurance, meaning you'll need to pay more out of pocket in case of a claim.

Specialised Jewellery Insurance

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Specialised jewellery insurance offers comprehensive coverage specifically tailored to protect your valuable jewellery and watches.

  • Coverage For Various Jewellery Types: It covers various types of jewellery, including high-value items, providing full protection for your precious possessions.

  • Coverage For Accidental Damage: Specialised insurance includes coverage for accidental damage, ensuring that even accidental mishaps are financially protected.

  • Protection During Activities: Your jewellery and watches are protected during most activities, whether you're at your hotel, travelling, or engaging in activities.

  • Lower Excess Rates: Specialised jewellery insurance typically has lower excess rates, meaning you'll have to pay less out of pocket when making a claim.

Learn more about the distinct differences between travel insurance and specialised jewellery insurance in our blog, Travel Insurance: Does it Cover Your Jewellery?

Make sure to review the inclusions of your policy to get the best insurance for your needs before you take off. 

How To Insure Diamonds and Timepieces While Travelling

Ready to begin exploring your insurance options? Here’s a comprehensive list to ensure you get the coverage you need:

1. Assess Your Valuables: Take an inventory of your diamonds and watches, including their value, appraisals, and supporting documentation.

2. Gather Documentation: Collect all necessary documentation, including receipts, and photographs of your diamonds and timepieces.

3. Get a Current Appraisal: Ensure your jewellery and watches are appraised by a certified expert to reflect their current value accurately.

4. Contact Your Insurance Provider: Reach out to your insurance provider to discuss your travel plans and ensure your items will be covered during your trip.

5. Review Coverage Details: Go through your insurance policy carefully, understanding its coverage, limits, and any specific requirements while travelling.

6. Secure Proper Storage: Invest in a secure and discreet travel case for your diamonds and watches to keep them safe during your journey.

7. Take Precautions: While travelling, always wear your items or use a hotel safe or rented security deposit box for safekeeping.

8. Notify Your Travel Companion: If you're travelling with a companion, make sure they are aware of the value and significance of your items.

9. Document Your Items: Keep photographs and detailed descriptions of your jewellery and watches, both for your records and in case of loss or theft.

10. Secure Your Luggage: Travel with a quality suitcase that protects against damage and locks to deter theft. 

Be sure to avoid the unexpected with the advice in our blog, Travel Insurance Traps: Covering Your Jewellery.

What to Do in Case of Loss, Theft, or Damage While Overseas

In the unfortunate event of loss, damage, or theft while travelling with your precious diamonds and watches, swift and decisive action is essential. 

Firstly, contact local authorities to report the incident and obtain a copy of the police report. 

Next, inform your insurance provider immediately and provide them with all relevant details and documentation. 

Document the incident with photographs and any available evidence. If applicable, contact your travel insurance provider for any additional coverage. 

While dealing with such circumstances can be distressing, timely communication and compliance with your insurance policies are vital for a smoother resolution and potential recovery.

Plan the Perfect Getaway With Specialised Jewellery Insurance From Q Report

When embarking on your jet-setting adventures, the allure of bringing your beloved diamonds and timepieces is undeniable. 

Yet, the journey entails specific risks that may not be adequately covered by conventional travel insurance. 

Specialised jewellery insurance offers comprehensive protection, tailored to the unique value and sentiment attached to these precious companions.

Q Report understands the worth of your treasured pieces. That’s why we provide specialised jewellery insurance and luxury watch insurance that includes worldwide coverage.  

Enjoy the peace of mind you need for a truly relaxing getaway. Get your free online quote now.

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