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If you want to look stylish, jewellery expresses your personality and dresses up your outfit too. And if it’s an engagement ring, wedding band or statement watch, it’s probably part of your everyday ensemble. 

So why should travelling be an exception? If anything, you want to look your best so that when you arrive home and scroll through your aesthetically pleasing Insta, you can say, hand on heart, that you glistened as beautifully as the Mediterranean Sea sparkling in the background of your holiday photo. 

The goal is to avoid losing important pieces while travelling away from home. Before you set sail, decide carefully if, depending on where you are headed, it is wise to take pieces that are particularly expensive or sentimental, away with you. If you can’t possibly travel without your favourite sparkler, continue reading for everything you need to know about travelling with your precious jewellery and how to keep it safe throughout your journey.


Consider a Faux Engagement Ring or Wedding Band

When travelling abroad, you may want to consider taking a cheaper, less valuable, alternative engagement ring or wedding band. One that won’t cause you too much distress if it were to become lost, stolen or damaged.

There is no better way to celebrate your nuptials than taking a well-deserved honeymoon, especially after all of the stress that goes along with planning such a big event. You’ll undoubtedly want to flash that left hand announcing to the rest of the world that you did, in fact, just get hitched.

But a word from the wise, you already stand out. For one, you’re a tourist. And a loved-up one at that. Your camera highlights that you are blissfully unaware of those around you as you catch a quick honeymoon selfie—the sparkling diamond on your left-hand drawing the unwelcome attention of those ill-intended. 

Of course, this is based mainly on where you travel, given that some places are safer than others. For example, popular tourist destinations such as Rome and Paris are known for their pickpockets and swift thievery. But no matter the locale, you can never be too careful. A practical solution to avoid potential drama is to wear a faux diamond engagement ring or wedding band. One that maybe costs hundreds rather than thousands of dollars. This stand-in ring would still represent your union, while keeping your worries at bay whenever you take your ring off.


Pack Smart: Use Designated Storage

Packing cells are on trend, from swimwear in one neatly labelled capsule to kaftans in another. So it only makes sense that your jewellery or watch should have a home of its own, especially if you are going to take it off often. 

From watch rolls to travel jewellery boxes, these options not only keep your precious items safe and secure but also protect them from becoming tangled, or scratched among other pieces. Most travel jewellery boxes offer sections tailored to a specific piece, from slots for rings to trays for bracelets. 

So if you’re going to remove your jewellery or watch before going for a swim, shower, or sleep, be sure to place it securely in your chosen form of storage. If your hotel room has a safe, even better, you can pop your watch roll or travel jewellery box in there and lock it away with a pin code.


Keep Your Luggage Close and Your Jewellery Closer

At the airport, you're told never to leave your bag unattended and always to keep it within your sight. This is because a thief can swipe it away in the blink of an eye. 

The same goes for your jewellery and your watches. 

Always keep your precious items on your person and not in your luggage. If you have pieces stored within your travel jewellery box or watch roll, keep these in your hand luggage, where it is with you at all times. Securing your hand luggage with a coded lock will deter prying eyes or hands from reaching in to help themselves.


Lock the Vault

Most hotels offer a safety deposit box within the room. Using these boxes to store your jewellery and other valuables while you are out and about will keep them safe. Remember to check that you have locked it before leaving your room. You may also want to write your pin code in a secure place so that you can access it when needed.


Take Out a Standalone Jewellery Insurance Policy

If there is one thing you take away from this article before you travel, let it be this- standalone jewellery insurance is as essential as your travel insurance. A standalone jewellery insurance policy by Q Report, will have you covered regardless of whether your ring is stolen, lost or damaged. 

Obtaining jewellery insurance with Q Report before you travel, enables you to enjoy worldwide coverage, with the confidence to wear and enjoy your jewellery no matter how long you are abroad.

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