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It’s the beginning of your lives together. How do you picture the proposal?


  • At sunset on a palm tree-fringed beach?
  • Soaking up crystal-clear mountain views?
  • Relaxing at a charming Parisian bistro?


Whatever you have in mind, we’ve put together your complete checklist for the perfect overseas proposal. All you have to do is put the plan in action and enjoy your dream come true!


The Ring

Before you purchase your plane tickets or even reserve your hotel, start shopping for the perfect engagement ring. Until you begin shopping, it’s impossible to know how much time you need.


Bespoke rings may require several months until completion, depending on the materials and stones you choose. Even if you purchase a standard ring from a jeweller, it may need to be resized or customised in some way.


Do you intend to surprise her? Do as much “research” as you can to discover what kind of engagement ring she’d prefer. You could spy on her Pinterest boards, talk with her friends or look through her jewellery collection. Check out our handy tips on how to get the right size when you want to surprise her with an engagement ring.


If you don’t already have a family jeweller, visit a local Q Certified jeweller. Not only will you receive stellar service, but you’ll also be able to obtain insurance at the moment of purchase. It will be insured from the moment you walk it out of the shop.



Why is it so important to insure the ring? It’s such a small item, and yet, it’s so valuable! Some people think their home and contents policy will cover engagement rings. While you might receive a little benefit from home and contents insurance, it won’t protect your ring while you’re overseas. And in most cases, you won’t receive enough of a benefit to replace the item.


What about travel insurance? Will it cover your engagement ring? Unfortunately, travel insurance policies usually place a low per-item value on each object you carry. It’s common for these policies to place a $700 limit on each item, hardly enough to replace fine jewellery.


With Q Report jewellery insurance, your ring will be covered no matter how far you roam. The cover is explicitly tied to the ring, and we make sure you can always receive full replacement value. Don’t head to the airport until you’re sure you have full coverage.



When you book your accommodations, be sure to ask if they have a safety deposit box you can use during your stay.


Speak with a manager and explain your plans for the trip. They’ll be more than happy to help and may even have specific ideas and advice about keeping the ring safe until the special moment arrives. They may even assist you with the proposal itself, distracting your partner with a welcoming drink to allow you to slip the ring into the safe behind the check-in desk.



Travelling with an engagement ring doesn’t have to cause anxiety. Lighten your mental load and enjoy your time together by following these tips:


  • Keep it on you if you can.
  • Pack the ring in your cabin baggage to avoid being separated from it through customs and travel.
  • In case your partner rummages through your bag, swap the ring box for a container of a different shape. For example, you could position the ring box inside a pair of socks.
  • If you’re concerned about the ring being discovered when you go through customs, put a note on the box saying, “Please keep this secret: it’s an engagement ring.” Most people are thrilled to assist you in accomplishing your mission.


Making the Most of Your Trip

Although you’re probably feeling laser-focused on the proposal itself, don’t neglect to take care with the rest of your trip planning. You’ll tell stories about this trip for the rest of your lives, so be thoughtful with your itinerary, locations and bookings.


To learn more about how we can help you with protecting your engagement ring, reach out to us, or you can get a free, instant quote today.

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