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Keep the Sparkler Sparklin’ in Summer

Q Report Team
Updated on October 06, 2022
2 min read

Keep the Sparkler Sparklin’ in Summer

Sun, surf, sand, swimming, sunbaking, sipping shampange (the ‘s’ theme seemed to be working) are all activities we associate with summer and it sounds like excellent fun, but what we can sometimes forget are the impacts they can have on our precious pieces of jewellery. So, while you’re busy preparing your summer body (aka shaving your legs after winter) we’ve put together a handy little FYI list of things to think about.


1. Exercising

If you’re the kind of person who heads to an outdoor bootcamp or pumps iron in the gym (good on you!) just have a think about whether you REALLY need to be wearing your ring while doing it. Sweat can actually speed up the tarnish process of sterling silver because the copper in it reacts to humidity and the elements. Ugh, science.


2. Swimming

There’s nothing better than a really refreshing swim on a super hot day, right? Right. And we all know how our hands and feet can swell in the heat, because heat makes things expand (obviously), but a cold pool or ocean can have the opposite effect and make them shrink again. So just before you take a dip to cool off, be mindful that this shrinking effect could make your ring slip off. No one wants to play ‘Marco Polo’ with a precious engagement ring that’s sitting on the ocean floor.


3. Hanging in a hot tub

Ok, so technically not just a summer activity, but this is good info to know about hot tubs anyway. Chlorine wreaks absolute havoc on metals and even more so when it’s at a higher temperature. It can permanently damage or discolour gold, even white gold, and turn silver a light brown or even black (curse that copper, again). So maybe slip your piece off before taking some ‘me’ time in a tub. For the wearers of Platinum, it’s pretty resistant in this case.


4. Slip, slop, slapping.

While a very good thing to do for sun protection, lathering on sunscreen might give you some headaches when trying to take care of your ring a little later on. Lotion can get stuck in the tiny little crevices and under the prongs and then it’ll harden there, making it tough to clean. It can also leave a film over metal and stones so they’ll appear dull and a little less ‘bling-y’.


5. Getting a green thumb

Getting stuck into the garden can be pretty therapeutic and who doesn’t love wielding a pair of hedge clippers? (oh, not everyone?) But dirt and small rocks can be quite abrasive to jewellery and possibly even permanently damage it. Our advice? Get some gloves, or take the ring off. It’s just safer.

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