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Your holiday should be a carefree, relaxing time, but an experience like a theft can take the wind right out of your vacation sails.


Unfortunately, travellers are often targets for theft. Thieves assume that tourists are wealthy and unsuspecting, so they frequent popular attractions. And time and again, they’re looking for two coveted items: jewellery and luxury watches.




Jewellery and watches are small, so they’re easy to hide. They’re uncommonly valuable for their size, and they’re also easy to on-sell. In other words, they’re the perfect items to steal.


You might be surprised by the robbery rates in seemingly low-crime nations. Because robbery rates are so low here in Australia (81.8 robberies per 100,000 people), we don’t spend much time or effort protecting ourselves from theft. In the USA, the robbery rate is 145.4, and in Belgium, it’s 211.4!


Next time you travel, save yourself trouble by leaving your treasured jewellery and watches at home. If you must take them, however, be sure they’re covered with Q Report jewellery and watch insurance, and follow these safety precautions:


Keep Tabs on Your Jewellery and Watches at All Times

When travelling overseas, watch your luggage at all times, even when it’s stowed beneath a seat on the aeroplane. Thieves wait until you’re momentarily distracted. It only takes a few seconds to reach into a bag and flee with a treasured item.


If you take off a ring to wash your hands, make a mental note to pick it up again, and never place it on the edge of a sink. When staying at hotels, use safes for storing your jewellery and watches when you’re not wearing them.


Hide Your Jewellery and Watches in Public

Famous, busy tourist attractions are the perfect stomping grounds for thieves. Everyone is distracted by the sites, and it’s remarkably easy to blend into the crowd.


If you’re wearing your luxury watch or diamond ring in public, cover it, and keep it out of sight. For watches, pull your jacket sleeve down to cover it, and for a diamond ring, you might want to turn it around, so the stone isn’t visible to everyone else.


Avoid Stowing Jewellery and Watches in Checked Baggage

If you can’t wear your watch or jewellery, at least avoid putting it in your checked baggage where it will be far from you for most of your journey. Keep it in your hand luggage when you can’t wear it. Even then, stow it deep inside your bag where it would be difficult for a thief to reach.


Remember that Locked Doors Aren’t Guarantees

Don’t leave your luxury watches and jewellery unattended, whenever possible. This includes leaving them in your hotel room or a rented car. Double-check your hotel safe before you leave, and remember that a locked door is not a guarantee. You’re not the only one with access to your hotel room.


Insure Your Jewellery and Luxury Watches

Despite our best efforts, treasured pieces like jewellery and watches can be lost, damaged or stolen in the most unexpected ways. Insurance is a must, but travel insurance never provides adequate cover for these items.


What you need is jewellery or watch insurance that offers an agreed value policy, meaning your piece will be fully covered if something happens to it. Travel insurance may offer you a few hundred dollars for your jewellery, but that’s not nearly enough to replace it. Don’t take the risk. Get an online instant quote to find out how affordable it can be to protect the things you love.


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