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Q Classic Comprehensive Jewellery Insurance

Covering items $5001 and over


If your jewellery means something to you, it deserves to be protected. Your Q Classic policy is designed to provide comprehensive cover for items $5001 and over, including instant worldwide cover and the option to return to your chosen jeweller for replacement and repair.

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Your Benefits With Q Classic Cover

Here are just a few reasons why 96% of our clients surveyed would recommend Q Report to family and friends.


Agreed Value Policy

Some insurers won’t pay the full amount shown on your policy in the case of a claim. Even if you’re paying a premium on the insured value shown, they can choose to replace it at the lowest price that they can buy it for.

At Q Report, we want you to feel clear and confident with your cover at all times. Your Q Classic policy provides agreed value cover, which means we’ll pay the actual amount shown on your policy minus a flat $100 excess if you lose your jewellery.


Return to Your Chosen Jeweller

You might have spent months finding the perfect jeweller to create your piece, which is why we believe it’s important for you to return to them if you wish. Your Q Classic policy will always give you the option to return to your original jeweller for replacement or repair.

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Free Annual Revaluation

Every 12 months, when you renew your Q Classic policy, we will revalue your insured jewellery at no additional charge, so you can be sure it is insured at the right value.

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125% Cover

Your Q Classic policy also includes a 125% cover benefit. If your jewellery can’t be replaced for the amount shown on your policy, we’ll pay up to an extra 25% to make sure what you receive matches what you lost.

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Worldwide Cover

Your Q Classic policy provides 12 months cover against damage, theft and loss, whilst you travel worldwide. So whether it’s a holiday or honeymoon, you can take your jewellery along for the ride with confidence.

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Instant Cover

If you purchase your jewellery from a Q Certified Jeweller, they can create your Q Classic policy even before you walk out the door! Alternatively, complete our online quote process or call us on 1300 882 018 and our team will assist you.

All Q Report Jewellery Insurance policies are backed by world-leading insurer, Chubb Insurance Australia Limited

Proof is in the pudding

Discover people like you who have found success with Q Report

Wonderful customer service, fast and effective process. Instantly put at ease.

(Google, June 2018)


Lauren Katsikitis

I was so impressed with how quickly my claim was handled from the initial inquiry through to the approval. Everything was handled efficiently and I was treated as a valued customer. 

(Google, February 2018)

Kristine Jankovic

QReport have made the process of insuring our custom jewellery so easy, and for a great price. Highly recommend.

(Google, January 2018)


Michael Fitz-Payne

Fantastic, very friendly and extremely quick to process. Insurance for engagement ring all arranged within the hour, and called to confirm during the process. Highly recommend.

(Google, July 2018)

Claire Tamplin

The first step in the process in replacing negatives with positives in your life is to make a decision to start looking for the negative messages and ways to replace them with positives.

Michael Swanson

My policy was quick and easy to set up, all questions were answered straight away and simply. Very happy with the ease of taking out the policy.

(Google, June 2018)

Stuart Ockenden

Fantastic, simple and easy to deal with. Fast cover.
(Google, October 2018)

Emma Whyte

Excellent, speedy and friendly service. I made a claim Monday, all was approved by Wednesday and ring is now being repaired. Very happy with this company.

(Facebook, September 2018)

Dianne Johnson

Very lovely to deal with. Very friendly. Great knowing jewellery is covered Australia wide and overseas.

(Facebook, August 2018)


Denisa Rus

So easy and quick . Very helpful lovely person on the phone.

(Facebook, June 2018)



Chris Ran

Q Report are professional and quick to reply. The helpful team answered all my questions and concerns via email and made the process so easy. Thanks for tending to our specific individual needs and taking the time to explain the policy coverage via email and over the phone. Great customer service and insurance coverage for my engagement ring.

(Google, September 2018)

Tara Long

I would highly recommend Q Report insurance for your jewellery, they have been so easy to deal with, affordable and so helpful with my claim when I unfortunately lost my engagement ring!

(Google, August 2018)

Ashleigh Bourke

Great customer service representatives. So happy to have peace of mind with Qreport.

(Google, October 2018)



Celica Escano

Excellent customer service - answered all my questions and thoroughly explained the process. Very comprehensive cover for a competitive price. Highly recommend!

(Google, September 2018)

Thamis Kint

I could not be happier with the service provided by Q Report. All my questions were answered and it was never any trouble making amendments to my policy. The process of ensuring my purchase was extremely easy and very professional. Thank you Q Report.

(Google, August 2018)

Justin Faust

Fantastic service and quick response to having my engagement ring repaired, highly recommend Q report insurance.

(Google, August 2018)


Courtney Weybury

I never make google reviews however the service I received was beyond my expectations. My claim was approved so quick I was surprised with the turn around. My premiums didn’t go up as well even with a claim couldn’t be happier.

(Google, August 2018)

Nathan Lai

I would recommend Q Report to anyone looking to insure jewellery. Making a claim was so easy and straight forward; exactly the type of service you need at the stressful time of losing or damaging a prized possession.

(Google, July 2018)

Robert Gower

Very reasonable and easy to deal with when you need to make a claim, best insurance company I've come across.

(Google, September 2018)

Byron Alexander

Great customer service and fabulous cover! Thank you!
(Google, October 2018)

Katie Kaars

Very easy and quick, they are very efficient, I will adding more jewellery to my policy in the future, and I will recommend them to my friends.

(Google, November 2018)

Mellie Reyes

Great attention to detail. Professional team, really enjoyed the experience
(Google, November 2018)

Rami Mikhael

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