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How to Protect Your Engagement Ring in Summer

Q Report Team
Updated on October 06, 2022
4 min read

The sun, the waves, the warm evenings with friends. Summer is full of incomparable pleasures, but unfortunately, this favourite time of year poses particular perils for your engagement ring.

But that doesn’t mean you have to lock it away for the season. Instead, you can incorporate the following habits into your carefree days and nights. Here are a few tips for protecting your engagement ring in summer.


Remove Your Ring When You Swim

Swimming poses several problems for rings:

Scrapes and Nicks

Whether you’re enjoying the crystal clear waters of a swimming pool or the salty waves of the sea, your engagement ring can suffer scrapes and nicks while you’re swimming. Even the most durable metals, such as platinum and titanium, can become scratched if your hand brushes the side of a pool or an outcropping of coral. 

Diamonds and other precious gemstones can also sustain injuries while you swim. In addition to scratches, they can suffer nicks and cracks, especially along edges that aren’t protected by bezels or prongs.


Sadly, many engagement rings are lost in the ocean or swimming pools because they slip off the wearer’s finger. When you’re in cool water, your fingers contract, making rings more likely to fall off. 

To avoid these problems, leave your engagement ring at home or in the safe in your hotel room while you’re swimming. It’s not worth the risk of damaging or losing your sparkler.


Wear Gloves When Gardening

Digging in the garden is one of the summer’s pleasures, but it can be a danger zone for your engagement ring. So before you head out with your trowel, either remove your ring or wear roomy gloves.

If you don’t, you might scrape your ring against a rock or lose it in the garden. At the very least, it will probably get dirty, and it can be challenging to remove fine dirt from the prongs of your diamond setting.

We can’t mention engagement rings and gardening without bringing up a couple of miraculous stories. Two women, one in Canada and one in Sweden, found their lost diamond rings when they pulled up carrots in their gardens. In both cases, a carrot had grown in the middle of the ring, only to be found at harvest time. Crazy but true!

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Be Cautious While Participating in Sports

Some summer athletic activities spell danger for expensive baubles like engagement rings, while others are relatively safe. In general, racket sports, weightlifting and golf can pose problems for your engagement ring. For instance, let’s say you hit that treasure on a dumbbell one time too many. The ring could bend, running the risk of knocking your diamond out of its setting.

If you don’t want to leave your engagement ring behind while you hit the tennis court or play a round of golf, consider wearing a silicone ring cover for protection. This simple precaution can preserve your ring, keeping it looking as good as new.


Keep it Clean

We’re out and about in the summer, spending time in the great outdoors and staying physically active. But, unfortunately, all this motion can lead to increased wear and tear on your engagement ring.

To keep it in top condition, clean your ring more often during the summer months. Use our handy guide for cleaning a diamond ring for regular, at-home cleanings. But you might also want to have your jeweller give it a professional shine. While you’re there, your jeweller can examine the ring and ensure the gemstones are held tightly in their settings. 


Protect Your Ring with Specialised Jewellery Insurance

Even when you take precautions, accidents sometimes happen. That’s why you should secure specialised jewellery insurance for your engagement ring.

While a warranty protects against manufacturing defects, it won’t provide remedies for loss, theft or damage. And while you’re travelling in the summer months, you’ll need insurance that protects your bauble no matter how far you roam.

Q Report engagement ring insurance allows you to wear your precious sparkler with confidence. Here’s how:

We’re jewellery experts

When you cover your ring with Q Report, you’ll always deal with people who live and breathe jewellery, not insurance salespeople.

World-leading insurer

Your policy will be backed by a world-leading insurer or valuables and fine arts.

Smooth and easy claims

If you need to make a claim, you’ll deal directly with us. We’ll never pass you from department to department or offload you to another company. From first to last, we’ll be there when you need us.

Complimentary revaluations

Each year when it’s time to renew your policy, we’ll provide you with an accurate revaluation at no charge to you. This courtesy helps you to know you always have enough coverage to handle a complete replacement of your engagement ring. 

Rich experience

At Q Report, we have a rich heritage in the jewellery industry, and we’ve laboured to forge an excellent reputation among jewellers and our customers.


Protect Your Engagement Ring This Summer

To get a world-class engagement ring policy for your special treasure, reach out to us at Q Report. You can reach us at 1300 882 018 or fill out this online form. Talk soon!

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Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote




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