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When you’re travelling overseas, you’ll naturally want to bring some jewellery with you, whether they’re pieces you enjoy wearing every day or ones you want to wear on a special outing. Before you take your trip, however, make sure your jewellery is insured in case it’s lost, stolen, or damaged.

Keep the following points in mind when you’re travelling overseas and taking some of your jewellery with you.

Check Your Coverage Before Your Trip Begins

You may assume that your jewellery is covered by your home and contents insurance if you travel overseas. But that’s often not the case. Coverage may not extend out of the house, much less overseas. Even if it does, you may not be covered for the full amount of your jewellery or for the entire time you’re out of the country.

Before taking your trip, contact your home and contents insurer and find out if your jewellery is covered overseas and if so, if it’s covered for the full length of your trip. Ask about any other restrictions, and find out the amount your home contents insurer will pay if you do have coverage.

Purchase Specialised Jewellery Insurance

Make sure your jewellery is covered by purchasing a jewellery insurance policy from Q Report. We know and appreciate jewellery and have been committed to protecting Australians with top-quality cover for over 15 years. Your jewellery will be covered from the minute you purchase a policy, and this coverage extends outside your home and even overseas for the length of your trip. And you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paid in the event of a claim since our policies cover your jewellery for an Agreed Value, not for an amount “up to” a particular limit.

If you need to file a claim overseas and want to have your jewellery repaired or replaced as soon as possible, Q Report makes it easy. Our Head Office Team speaks many languages and will communicate directly with your jeweller before finalising your claim as quickly as possible.

Add Cover for Jewellery You Purchase on Your Trip

If you treat yourself to some jewellery purchases overseas, it's a good idea to add these pieces to your jewellery insurance policy while you're travelling. You can easily contact us to arrange cover for extra items.

We’ll need your policy number, a receipt for your purchase, top and side view photos of your jewellery, a valuation of the piece, a diamond/gemstone certificate (if this applies) and a photo of the item in front of a document (such as a receipt or newspaper) that shows today’s date. We’ll help you get coverage for your new purchases so you can travel and wear them with peace of mind.

Even if you don’t have all of this information, we’ll work with you as much as possible to help you get the coverage you need. Keep in mind, however, that we don’t cover loose diamonds and gemstones, artefacts, gold bullion and loose coins, or ivory.

Protect Your Jewellery When You Travel

Even if your jewellery is covered by insurance when you travel overseas, it’s still wise to protect your items as best you can. The following tips can help keep your jewellery safe as you travel:

  • Make sure your pieces are in good repair before your trip
    Check all clasps, prongs, stones, and other elements before taking your trip. If anything is loose or otherwise damaged, have it repaired before you leave so you’re less likely to lose your jewellery.

  • Keep your jewellery in a carry-on bag
    When you’re flying overseas, keep your jewellery in a carry-on bag. If you check luggage with jewellery in it, your items could be lost or stolen by a fellow passenger or an employee of the airline or airport.

  • Protect your jewellery at the hotel.
    Keep your carry-on bag with you rather than letting the hotel staff carry it to your room. And make sure you don’t leave your jewellery out when you leave the room. Instead, put it in the room safe or wear it.

  • Stay away from areas that are known to be more unsafe.
    You probably won’t have extensive knowledge of all the areas you’ll be travelling to, and some could be more dangerous than others. Check with your hotel to see if there are any places you should avoid.

Before you start your trip, make sure your jewellery is covered with a specialised policy from Q Report. We’ll provide a quote to start the process of making sure your cherished pieces are covered, even when you’re travelling overseas.

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