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The biggest challenge for watch connoisseurs in 2019? Choosing favourites among the incredible selection of affordable luxury watches.


We’re pleased to showcase ten of today’s trending men’s watches.


Clifton Baumatic 10398

If you’re in the market for simple aesthetics and a crisp gentleman’s watch, look no further than the Clifton Baumatic 10398. A sleek steel bezel surrounds a spotless white dial. With its blue alligator strap and rhodium-plated hands, this watch exudes elegance.


The opaque, simple face contrasts with the watch’s case back, which allows you to see the magic of a mechanical self-winding movement through its transparent sapphire crystal case back. 



Alpina AlpinerX

Alpina recently raised more than a million dollars on Kickstart from investors who want an Alpina smartwatch. It only took three weeks to reach their goal, which shows consumer interest in a mixture of historic craftsmanship and modern innovation. The result of their experiment is a luxury watch that combines today’s best technology with Alpina’s century-old horological finesse.


The AlpinerX features a fibreglass and stainless steel case, scratch-resistant convex sapphire crystal and light brown leather strap. It can track your sleep and heart rate, and it’s perfect for your next outdoor adventure with its barometer, UV indicator and compass.



Ball Engineer Master II Diver TMT

With three different dial colours and a mechanical thermometer, Ball’s Engineer Master II Diver TMT has a big personality. Unique and original watches are trending this year, and this colourful dive watch certainly fits that criteria.


Ball offers the TMT in several colour combinations: deep blue and orange, black and white, and blue and yellow. It’s water resistant to 300m and uses tritium gas tubes for illumination. And true to Ball’s reputation, the screw-down, engraved case back is both funky and gorgeous at the same time.



Bell & Ross BR 05 Black Steel

This timepiece’s unique circle-in-a-square design makes it stand out from the crowd. Famous for aviation-focused watches Bell & Ross has fused elegance with mechanical design in this collection.


The integration of case and bracelet lends a streamlined, Seventies-style look to this watch. The first link of the bracelet forms part of the case. It has a brushed steel finish, automatic mechanical movement, Super-LumiNova®-coated dials and numerals, and water resistance to 100m.



Certina DS Action Diver Automatic

The DS Action Diver Automatic is a good-looking watch, to be sure, but it’s also something of a rarity amongst diving timepieces. It’s ISO 6425 certified; it says so right there on the dial. The case and bracelet are made of steel, and the bezel is aluminium.


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SuperLuminova coats the hands and hour markers so you can read the time from the comfort of your pillow or the depths of the ocean. The DS Action Diver Automatic’s movement is the ETA Powermatic 80, which is self-winding, and you’ll get an exceptional 80 hours of power reserve.



Christopher Ward C65 Trident Diver SH21 Limited Edition

Just 150 of these limited edition sports watches have been made, but you might still be able to get your hands on one. The Trident Diver has a vintage look with its matte blue dial and vintage oak leather strap, but the engineering inside is anything but vintage.


The power reserve indicator allows the wearer to monitor what remains of the 120-hour power reserve. Every C65 Trident Diver SH21 has received chronometer certification by the Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres. It’s a stunning mix of tradition and modern technology.



Citizen Promaster Tsuno Chronograph Racer

Many of us forget that Citizen has been around for more than a century now. In that time they’ve produced an incredible array of Japanese Precision watches, and this model pays homage to Citizen’s 1973 Bullhead model.


Its trendy orange-and-black colour combination stands out, but its appearance is just the beginning. With its hand-assembled movement, the Tsuno Chrono Racer features 1/5-second chrono, instantaneous fly back, tachymeter, power reserve, alarm and date. 



Ebel Sport Classic

Ebel’s iconic wave design never gets old, and this Sport Classic model has some interesting features that fit with today’s trends. The top-mounted gold bezel screws punctuate the gold dial outline and the gold waves between the bracelet’s links.


The simple white dial with black Roman numerals sits beneath a sapphire crystal with antireflective treatment. It’s water-resistant to 50m and features 18k yellow gold.



Farer Oxley Black

Founded just four short years ago, Farer has already made quite a splash in the watch world. This model is a GMT dual time + date automatic timepiece with a matte black design and slick colour scheme.


Farer manufactured the Oxley Black watch with a hardened “Diamond-Like Carbon” coating technique for the case, and the result is impressive: hard, wear-resistant and slick. The skeleton back provides an interesting contrast to the black matte case.



Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch Gents Classic

Now owned by Citizen, the Frederique Constant brand has advanced the concept of combining traditional watchmaking techniques with wireless connectivity. Their Horological Smartwatch Gents Classic Collection integrates an electronic module into a conventional mechanical movement. The electronic module can actually monitor the accuracy of the mechanical movement, which is an enticing development for people who love the intricacies of horology.


The Gents Classic has a grey dial with Sunray decoration and rose gold plated indexes. Smartwatch features include activity tracking, sleep monitoring, active alerts, Cloud backup and dynamic coaching.



When you find the watch that perfectly suits you, be sure to cover it with Q Report Watch Insurance. With comprehensive cover, you can wear your favourite watch with confidence, knowing it’s protected if the unexpected happens. 


Get an instant quote for your favourite watch today, and discover how affordable it is to insure your timepieces.


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