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Modern Luxury Watch Enthusiast? See this list.

Q Report Team
Updated on March 19, 2024
4 min read

Are you seeking to elevate your watch collection with a touch of individuality and style? Embrace the world of luxury watch accessories, the perfect accompaniment to your priceless timepieces.

From watch winders to display cases and cleaning kits, these accessories embody the finest quality and craftsmanship.

We’ve scoured the globe to discover the top 10 trending pieces aficionados can’t wait to get their hands on. Explore our guide and discover your favourite new watch accessories! 

1. Watch Winder: Embrace Elegance & Convenience

For lovers of automatic watches, a watch winder is more than an accessory; it symbolises functionality and elegance. 

A meticulously designed device that keeps automatic watches wound and running when not being worn, a watch winder ensures they are always ready to be worn with perfect precision.

Unlike the average watch winder, premium pieces like the Orbit Winder do more than just rotate your watch across a single plane. Instead, it utilises a unique gyroscopic structure, allowing for free rotation in all directions.

A watch winder is a true companion for the modern watch lover who demands sophistication and ease.

2. Watch Boxes & Display Cases: A Sanctuary for Elegance

Every watch deserves to be stored in a special place where the treasures of your collection can rest in splendour. A watch box or display case is the perfect solution. 

Designed with artistry and precision, these cases protect your watches from damage and provide a visual treat every time you open the lid. 

The Wolf Palermo Watch Box is meticulously crafted, featuring a hand-wrapped black pebble exterior and soft suede lining to safeguard your collection. 

The tempered glass lid offers a glimpse of your horological treasures, while the chrome-finished hardware adds a touch of modernity.

3. Watch Straps & Bands: An Array of Expression

A luxury watch is a canvas of possibilities; interchangeable watch straps are the artist's palette. 

The right strap can transform the entire personality of your watch, from classic to contemporary, casual to formal. 

IWC Schaffhausen stands apart as an icon of excellence, and their watch straps are crafted with the same dedication and precision that defines their timepieces.

Handmade by skilled artisans, their commitment to sustainable sourcing allows you to trace your strap, adding an ethical touch of individuality to your luxury watch collection. 

4. Loupe or Magnifying Glass: Dive into Detail

A loupe is a small magnifying device used to examine details of your watch that are too intricate to be seen with the naked eye.

The JARLINK Jewelers Eye Loupe offers 30x and 60x magnification lenses, plus LED lights that illuminate even the most minute details, ensuring no nuance goes unnoticed. 

Crafted with durability in mind, its lightweight aluminium body comes with a portable design for on-the-go horological exploration.

Admire the finest engravings, appreciate the delicate movement components, and uncover the true craftsmanship within your watch collection.

5. Travel Case: Protection on the Go

As a discerning global traveller, your luxury watch deserves a travel companion that matches its grandeur. 

A dedicated travel case ensures that your cherished timepiece remains safe and sound throughout your journeys. 

The Scritto Swipe Leather 3 Watch Case is crafted with the utmost precision and sophistication, ensuring your timepieces are enveloped in the finest leather and protected with care. 

6. Watch Tools & Repair Kit: Master of Your Watch

Every connoisseur of luxury watches should possess the skills to maintain and adjust their timepiece. 

A watch tool kit equips you with all the essentials, enabling you to make minor adjustments, change straps, and ensure your watch remains pristine. 

The Bergeon Master Service Watch Repair Kit contains a comprehensive selection of essential tools, each meticulously designed and engineered.

These tools and skills empower you to maintain and repair your timepieces with the utmost care and expertise - reflecting your dedication to horological excellence.

7. Watch Cleaning Kit: Sustain the Splendour

A luxury watch is an investment that merits proper care and attention. A watch cleaning kit offers the tools to maintain the watch's radiant appearance. 

The Maison Des Montres Professional Watch Cleaning Kit is the choice of esteemed watchmakers, including Cartier and Rolex. 

This top-tier package arrives in an elegant box with a specially formulated cleaning solution, a nano-bristle brush, a microfiber cloth, and a QR-coded welcome card linking to an instructional care video.

Elevate your timepiece's allure with this premier kit, ensuring a gentle, residue-free clean for a range of materials, including precious metals, stainless steel, carbon fibre, and ceramic.

8. Watch Magazine Subscription: A Window to Elegance

For the modern luxury watch enthusiast, staying updated on the latest trends and innovations is an essential part of the lifestyle.

The Watches Magazine is required reading for luxury watch owners in Australia. Based in Geneva, this popular publication is globally renowned and ranked among the top ten watchmaking print media in the world.

9. Watch-Related Books & Literature: Expand Your Horizons

These captivating books reveal the secrets and stories behind the world’s most luxurious watches - the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one. 

  • "The Watch Book" by Gisbert L. Brunner: A comprehensive visual journey through iconic timepieces, offering captivating images and insightful narratives that showcase the artistry of watchmaking.

  • "The Wristwatch Handbook" by Ryan Schmidt: A meticulously detailed reference guide that delves into the technical intricacies of watch movements, materials, and designs, catering to both enthusiasts and professionals.

  • "A Man and His Watch" by Matt Hranek: An intimate exploration of the emotional connections between men and their cherished timepieces, featuring personal stories from notable watch collectors.

10. The Ultimate Accessory: Peace of Mind with Q Report's Luxury Watch Insurance

When it comes to your luxury watch collection, one accessory surpasses all others - the peace of mind that comes from knowing your cherished watches are always protected.

With the same level of care and attention you give your collection, Q Report provides specialised watch insurance tailored to the needs of discerning watch enthusiasts. 

To safeguard your prized timepieces and luxury watch accessories with the protection they deserve, get an instant quote today.

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