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Jewellery Insurance

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When insuring your jewellery, home and contents or homeowners insurance may first come to mind.

Also known as personal property insurance, home and contents insurance provides coverage for all your valuable possessions. This includes expensive gadgets, electronics, wristwatches, and other kinds of jewellery. As good as this sounds, home and contents insurance doesn’t guarantee the insurance of every item in your house. 

Expensive items like jewellery and luxury watches require specialised insurance. Home and contents insurance has many restrictions that won't provide the best backup.

In this article, you'll learn the benefits of jewellery insurance and how to switch from home and contents to jewellery insurance. 


What is Home and Contents Insurance?

Home and contents insurance helps to insure personal belongings in your house.

Contents insurance typically covers you for damaged or stolen personal belongings, as long as the event occurs in your house. While home and contents insurance may pay the bills if the occurrence happens outside the house, this isn't always the case. And in such cases, only a tiny percent is set aside to cover the loss—which is hardly enough.

For example, if someone breaks into your house and steals your jewellery, home and contents insurance may cover the loss. However, this insurance limits you to wear your jewellery only at home. 

Home and contents may not cover the claim if your jewellery is stolen, damaged or lost while you're outside your home - you would need to read the fine print. 


Jewellery Insurance—The Right Insurance for Your Jewellery

Buying expensive jewellery comes with responsibility—to protect that jewellery against unforeseen circumstances. The best way to do this is by getting specialised jewellery insurance

Most home and contents policies only offer the previous worth of your jewellery. For example, if you bought a piece of jewellery for $5,000 and had it insured under home and contents, if you lose the jewellery later when it's worth $20,000, assuming you didn’t regularly get your jewellery revalued and your policy updated, you'd only be paid $5,000.  

Jewellery insurance covers valuable items like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, watches and other forms of jewellery. If you need to claim, jewellery insurance will adequately repair or replace the jewellery.


How to Switch From Home and Contents to Jewellery Insurance


Now, how do you make the switch?

  1. The first step is researching your jewellery insurance company of choice. Understand the policies and benefits that come with using any provider. Keep yourself informed.
  2. The next step is knowing the value of your jewellery. Ensure you have your jewellery's original receipts or valuation documents at the time of purchase. 
  3. Provide the jewellery insurance company with these receipts/documents to prove ownership and to get a quote. However, if you no longer know the value of your jewellery, you can get an appraisal from a professional jeweller.

Q Report can assist in determining the correct insured value of your jewellery and then provide a complimentary annual revaluation of your jewellery. This keeps your policy updated and updates you on your jewellery's worth.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can My Jewellery Be Underinsured?

Absolutely. If your jewellery isn't correctly valued, you may insure for the wrong amount. And in most cases, it's usually an amount less than your jewellery's estimated worth. 

Underinsurance means you'll get an insufficient amount whenever you claim damaged, lost or stolen jewellery. The best way to prevent this is to get an accurate valuation for your jewellery.


Do I Need to Insure All My Jewellery?

Short answer, yes and no. 

Yes, if you have expensive jewellery ($1,000 and above), you should get specialised jewellery insurance. However, if your jewellery is less than $1,000 and is always indoors, home and contents insurance may provide coverage for its loss or damage.  


Am I Covered If I Lose My Jewellery Abroad?

Yes. Specialised jewellery insurance like Q Report provides worldwide coverage. It doesn't matter if you're on vacation, at work or at an event. Your jewellery is covered. Only home and contents insurance may limit coverage to the confines of your home.


Make the Switch With Q Report

Many people assume that their home and contents insurance covers their high-end jewellery. When disaster strikes and you need to claim your stolen or damaged jewellery, home and contents insurance may not suffice. 

Q Report offers jewellery insurance that gives you peace of mind. No matter what happens, your jewellery is always covered.

Q Report provides:

  • Additional 50% Cover
  • No Impact Claims
  • Agreed Value Policy
  • In-House Consultant
  • Loss Coverage
  • Theft Coverage
  • Damage Coverage
  • Mysterious disappearance Coverage 
  • Natural disaster Coverage
  • Worldwide Coverage


Let's give your jewellery the premium coverage it deserves. Contact us to get started.


Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote


Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote




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