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Summer Wedding Locations in Australia

Q Report Team
Updated on October 06, 2022
4 min read

 Summer Wedding Locations.jpg


Summer is just around the corner; sun, fun, tans and travel is on everyone’s mind, but for a few lucky couples it means just one thing: wedding season. Barefoot beach weddings, panoramic vistas, honey-scented blooms – there’s a whole lot to love about getting married in the Australian summer.

Luckily for us, we have a country that is full of gorgeous wedding venues to suit an absolute myriad of different preferences, from churches to castles, beaches to forests and olive groves to vineyards, we’re pretty spoilt for choice.


When deciding on the perfect summer venue for your big day, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Find the venue that you and your partner are in love with
  • Book it well in advance to ensure availability
  • Sort out vendors and wedding planners
  • Engagement ring and wedding band insurance in case they are misplaced

To help you choose from the plethora of stunning summer wedding locations, we have picked our favourite venues in Australia for you:

Luxury Weddings

If you want a classic, luxurious spot for your special day, these are the top venues oozing class that we think have a special character that sets them apart from the rest:

Taronga Centre: Overlooking the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay and the Royal Botanic Garden, the Taronga centre emanates luxurious charm and boasts some of the best views in the city.

Colebee Centre: Situated in the Nurragingy Reserve, this picturesque venue is the perfect blend of stunning Australian landscape and top-class service. It has been voted as the best reception spot in NSW an astonishing five times.

Gunner Barracks: This is an elegant, unique wedding venue steeped in history. It has unparalleled views across the Sydney harbour and is situated on an exclusive heritage site, that makes this a luxurious wedding venue like nowhere else in the country.

Unique and Outdoor Venues

It’s not called your special day for nothing and you want to choose a wedding location that is as unique as your day. Summer is the perfect time for outdoor weddings too, and these are our favourite venues to choose from:

Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat: This NSW venue is truly one of a kind. A huge rock cavity forms the cathedral, there’s a sunset deck that looks over one of Australia’s most beautiful valleys and an outdoor dining experience that makes this one of the best kept secrets in the country.

Quarry Amphitheatre: Nestled in the charming area of the Perry Lakes and Bold Park, this venue with it’s towering limestone walls, rolling lawns and captivating views over the city’s skyline below is one of Australia’s premier wedding locations. Peaceful and magnificent – it’s sure to make your wedding day one to never forget.

Thorngrove Manor: This manor house is something out of a fairy tale and will undoubtedly give your day the magical feel it deserves. Consistently finding itself in Australia’s best wedding venues of the year, this Adelaide based property consists of unique, inspired and creative architecture that is found nowhere else.

At Q Report, we are passionate about your day being as unique and memorable as you are; that’s why we offer premium jewellery insurance for our clients’ weddings. A wedding should be just as special as the ring you’ve selected for your beloved. Make sure that the sentimental value of the ring is protected by taking out specialist jewellery insurance with Q Report. Learn more about our Q Report jewellery insurance here, or contact us bloghere.


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