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Should I Use a Proposal Planner?

Q Report Team
Updated on March 22, 2023
4 min read

It sounds so simple. You simply drop to your knee, proclaim your love, and live happily ever after. But if you’ve embarked on planning a proposal, you know the process is a bit more complicated.

You’ve already had to save for the ring, ask permission from her parents, and keep secrets from the person you love the most. At some point in your march toward engagement, you might feel stuck. Is there anyone who can help you?

Yes! Proposal planners like Unforgettable Proposals specialise in helping people in your situation. Brides have wedding planners to help with the planning and coordinating of their big day, and you can receive similar assistance. For help with finding the ideal location, planning a budget and mobilising all the crucial elements, a proposal planner may be your secret weapon. 

Should you use a proposal planner? These considerations may help you decide.

Are You Too Stressed Out?

Some people are natural planners, but some of us aren’t. And if you already have a high-stress load in your life (from work, projects and other responsibilities), you might need to offload the proposal planning. Delegating the planning will relieve your anxiety and allow you to focus on enjoying the moment.

Do You Need Help Finding Vendors and Locations?

Even if you’ve lived in your hometown all your life, you might be unfamiliar with ideal locations for a marriage proposal. The wedding industry remains relatively unknown to people until they find themselves in need of flowers, jewellery, caterers, etc.

If you already have a location in mind and know where to buy your supplies, you probably don’t need a proposal planner. But if you feel overwhelmed by the thought of finding and coordinating everything, a planner can step in and ease your load.

Also, If you’re going to travel for the proposal, it’s almost always best to hire a proposal planner. New cities can present a host of problems such as transportation hangups and unfamiliarity with vendors and locations. A planner can tell you which sites are less crowded and what’s best for what you’re seeking.

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Do You Struggle to Keep Secrets?

Loose lips sink ships, and it’s all too easy to submarine a surprise proposal, especially when you spend so much time together.

A proposal planner becomes your single point of contact, so you don’t have to worry about spreading the secret among friends who have pledged to help you with the details. If you’re not good at keeping your lips zipped, delegate the planning to a planner.

Do You Want to Tap Someone Else’s Creativity?

Some people are like idea factories. They generate creative plans faster than they can jot them down. Others struggle to come up with a single satisfactory idea.

If ideas aren’t your thing, tap a professional proposal planner. Not only have they seen it all, but they know what works best in different circumstances and seasons. And they can also help you maximise your budget.

As you brainstorm, check out our top 10 celebrity proposal stories. While you might not have the means to “borrow a stadium” like Kanye West, you could do worse than Dwayne Wade’s sweet family-style proposal to Gabrielle Union.

Do You Need Help Maintaining a Budget?

And speaking of money, let’s talk about keeping the proposal within your budget. After all, the proposal is just the beginning of an expensive project. You’ll feel much more confident about the future when you approach your engagement from a financially responsible perspective.

It’s easy to embark on a proposal without thinking about the costs. Before you know it, the bills are adding up, and you might feel out of control. A proposal planner can help you create and maintain a budget and provide some accountability for your spending.

Be Careful with the Ring!

No matter how you plan to ask for your partner’s hand, please be careful with that sparkler.

Gut-wrenching proposal accidents do happen, unfortunately. This poor fellow dropped the engagement ring down a grate on a New York City street. Fortunately, the police fished the ring out of the underground and cleaned it for the heartbroken couple.

And then there’s Seth Dixon, who chose to pop the question to his lady love on a quaint wooden bridge. The would-be groom opened the little black box to reveal the sparkler just before it flipped out of his hands and tumbled through a crack in the wooden boards. A dozen friends searched the water, but they couldn’t find the ring.

Finally, we come to a picturesque waterfall proposal. Down on one knee, with crystal-clear water misting his smiling face, the happy man opens the box and (horrors!) the ring tumbles into a raging river.

Do everything you can to avoid such disasters. And as a backup plan, insure that carefully chosen engagement ring with Q Report insurance. If, heaven forbid, your proposal turns into a heart-stopping affair, the sparkler will be fully covered.

Insure it from the point of purchase when you shop at a Q Certified jeweller. Or, if you’ve already bought the bauble, get an instant online quote today. We wish you all the very best and hope you experience the proposal of your dreams.

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Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote




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