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How to Switch Jewellery Insurance Companies

Q Report Team
Updated on October 06, 2022
4 min read

You've got valuable jewellery, either in dollar value or sentimental value. You adore and cherish it. You also prioritise its protection.

However, there's a missing piece. You aren't sure about your current jewellery insurance company. You aren't convinced they'll come to the party in the event of a claim. 

And now, you're thinking of switching jewellery insurance providers—but you're not sure where to start.

Don't stress. As you read this article, you'll learn how to switch jewellery insurance companies and what to consider before making the switch. Read on. 


What to Note Before Choosing a Jewellery Insurance Company

The job of a jewellery insurance company is to provide protection for your jewellery if it gets lost, stolen or damaged. This protection could be a replacement of your jewellery or, in some cases, financial reimbursement to buy a new piece of jewellery.

Before purchasing coverage from a jewellery insurance provider, consider the following questions:

  • Does the company offer a yearly revaluation?
  • Can you choose where to get your jewellery replaced or repaired, or is that the jewellery insurance company's decision?
  • Does the company have solid customer testimonials?
  • Is your jewellery coverage intact if you travel overseas?
  • Do you deal with the company directly for claims, or is a third party involved?  

Types of Jewellery Insurance

Not all insurance covers your jewellery. Assessing your jewellery insurance options and knowing how they work is essential. The two most common types are home and contents insurance and specialised jewellery insurance. 


Home and Contents Insurance

Home and contents insurance can only cover your jewellery to a certain extent. It doesn't guarantee complete coverage if your jewellery gets lost, stolen or damaged. Most standard home and contents insurance has a coverage limit of about $1000 - $2000 for jewellery. 

This coverage may be great if your jewellery is within that price range. But you should consider extra coverage for more expensive pieces that can travel with you. Remember that this coverage only covers damage or loss that happens inside your home, not at work or while on your travels. 


Specialised Jewellery Insurance

Specialised jewellery insurance is the ideal choice for your special items. It provides tailored coverage and is the safest option for luxury jewellery and watches. If you lose your jewellery, you'll get your money's worth.

Specialised jewellery insurance covers the following:


How to Switch Jewellery Insurance Companies

It's normal to compare your current jewellery insurance company to others. You may be wondering if you're getting the best deal or not.  

Lucky for you, switching jewellery insurance companies is easy. Here's a proven 4-step process for doing so. 


Assess Your Current Jewellery Coverage 

Before you take the leap, evaluate your current jewellery insurance company. Ask yourself if you really need to make the switch. 

  • Is there anything your current jewellery insurance is lacking? 
  • Are there terms and conditions you no longer agree with? 
  • Are you relocating to another continent?
  • Are you planning to sell your jewellery?

Research the Company of Choice

To get the best value for your money, conduct proper research on the company you want to switch to. If you're yet to choose a particular company, assess the ones you have in mind.

  • Compare quotes between your current insurance company and the desired ones.
  • Check your coverage options for each company.
  • Confirm the processes involved before insuring your jewellery.
  • Check the customer reviews of the company.

Ensure Your Old Jewellery Insurance is Cancelled 

Now that you've joined a new insurance company, don't assume your previous insurance is automatically cancelled. 

Inform your insurer that you'll no longer be using their product. Let them cancel your policy from their end. Also, if there's a process for cancellation, ensure you follow it diligently. Make sure you leave no stone unturned.


Q Report's Jewellery Insurance Makes All the Difference

Q Report is not your regular jewellery insurance company. Asides from insuring your jewellery, we have a team of dedicated in-house jewellery consultants that offer professional advice. Our insurance features are dedicated to satisfying your needs. 

Agreed Value Policy

Q Report provides coverage for the agreed value shown on your policy. Not "up to" that amount.

Additional 50% Cover

If we can't get you in the same position as before the loss, we'll pay up to an additional 50% of the insured value—as a buffer towards your claim.


With a Q Report policy, your insured items will be revalued annually, free of charge. You can remain confident that the insured value will sufficiently cover your jewellery annually. 

Our other features include: 

  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Loss Coverage
  • Theft Coverage
  • Natural disaster Coverage
  • Damage Coverage
  • Mysterious disappearance Coverage

Switching to a qualified jewellery insurance company gives you peace of mind. With Q Report, your jewellery is forever in the right hands. Contact us today to get a quote.

Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote


Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote




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