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Men, Size Matters: The Truth Behind Carat Weight

Q Report Team
Updated on October 06, 2022
3 min read

When it comes to diamonds, there is definitely some truth behind this statement. Let’s delve deeper though and see just how much weight is given to carat weight and whether bigger is always better.



Size vs Quality

There is no doubt that a lot of women will tell you it’s quality not quantity. Others prefer a larger stone and are happy to compromise on quality, with the view that once it’s on their finger, the naked eye may not actually be able to distinguish between quality grades. Some woman prefer jewellery that will make a statement. Others might actually be embarrassed by a big stone.


There is no right or wrong answer. Finding that perfect diamond ring depends largely on personal preferences and priorities (and of course, your budget).



What Does the Research Say

One of the top internet sites selling diamond engagement rings conducted a survey of almost 4000 men and woman in the engagement ring target market. The data that was collected was analysed to determine a whole variety of diamond engagement preferences.


Interestingly, what mattered the most when selecting a diamond ring was the design of the ring. Second and third priorities were diamond quality and ring craftsmanship.


It’s probably no surprise that men and women differed greatly with regards to their preferences. The results showed that 49% of women rated design as the number one factor whilst 30% of men saw it that way. In terms of diamond quality and craftsmanship, men placed a higher importance on this factor.


Against popular belief, the size of the diamond was one of the least important factor, with 6% of women and 8% of men caring most about the size of the diamond. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they want a smaller stone though. It’s also important to note that this is one of many surveys that have been conducted on this controversial debate.



Diamond carat chart


What Else is Important When it Comes to Carat Weight

All things being equal, the round diamond is more expensive compared to all other shapes of diamonds. One of the reasons for this, is that face up, it displays the largest diameter for its weight. In simple terms, if you compare a 1 carat round brilliant cut diamond to a 1 carat princess cut diamond, the round will look bigger in the ring.


You then need to determine whether it is the actual weight of the diamond or the visual appearance of size that it significant to you.


It’s important to note that weight does not always correlate to a bigger looking diamond. A diamond that is poorly cut in order to maximise its weight may not allow effective reflection of light from one edge of the diamond to the other. This can give the appearance of a smaller looking diamond and can also diminish its beauty and sparkle.


So while a bigger diamond may be your preference, it’s important to ensure that the cut quality is not unknowingly compromised, as a poorly cut diamond will never have the same sparkle as a well-cut stone.



It’s a Matter of Personal Preference

Clearly there is no one answer. It comes down to personal preference (and budget of course). It’s one thing to know your personal preference, but your partner’s preference is what really matters.


She is the one that will be wearing this ring everyday for the rest of her life and will look at it as a symbol of your love for her. You might hear her making a passing comment about the size of a diamond she sees on someone else. Take note. If all she has ever dreamt of is that 1 carat stone, then you may not want to disappoint her by giving her a high quality 0.50 carat stone. Listen to her preference.


At the end of the day, the size of the diamond is only factor. You have the ability to find that perfect balance of the 4C’s that both fits within your budget and that she will love forever. You don’t have to do it alone. See a Q Certified jeweller in your area who can assist you find that perfect engagement ring.


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