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The world of diamond ring designs is as rich, stunning, and sparkling as the stones themselves. 

Born from a fascinating history of iconic jewellery designers and the stars that wore their creations, there are countless diamonds to add to your collection.

In this blog, we explore ten of the most iconic diamond styles, their origins and stories, and the dazzling looks that have donned the fingers of timeless starlets. 

Get ready to be inspired and discover the next addition to your own diamond collection!

1. Solitaire Diamond Ring

The solitaire diamond ring is a timeless and versatile choice that remains a symbol of classic elegance. 

Its history traces back to the early 19th century, with jeweller Charles Lewis Tiffany popularising the six-prong setting in 1886, creating the iconic Tiffany setting. 

This diamond ring design emphasises the diamond's brilliance, as it stands alone in its purest form, allowing for maximum light reflection. 

Notable rings include Lady Diana Spencer's sapphire and diamond engagement ring, later worn by Kate Middleton.

These rings have cemented the solitaire style's place in both history and fashion.

2. Halo Diamond Ring

The halo diamond ring is a design that radiates opulence and elegance. This captivating style features a central diamond encircled by a dazzling halo of smaller diamonds. 

This diamond ring design enhances the ring's brilliance and creates the illusion of a more substantial centre stone, making it an exquisite option for those who appreciate the aesthetics of grandeur.

The history of halo rings dates back to the Georgian and Victorian eras when they were popularised. 

Renowned jewellers like Harry Winston and Tiffany & Co. have elevated the halo design to new heights. 

These rings have been adorned by numerous celebrities on the red carpet, making the halo diamond ring a symbol of timeless beauty and Hollywood glamour.

3. Three-Stone Diamond Ring

The three-stone diamond ring, often referred to as a trilogy or trinity ring, is a symbol of timeless love and commitment. 

This diamond ring design features a central diamond flanked by two smaller diamonds, representing the past, present, and future of your relationship.

This diamond’s history is both romantic and meaningful, with roots in the Victorian era, where it was known as the "gypsy" ring. 

However, it gained tremendous popularity when De Beers introduced the marketing slogan "Past, Present, Future," making it a sought-after choice for engagement rings.

One of the most famous three-stone diamond rings is the stunning piece owned by Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. 

This engagement ring features a centre stone from Botswana, a place of significance for the couple, and two smaller diamonds from Princess Diana's collection.

Renowned jewellers like Cartier and Boucheron have also embraced this style, creating exquisite and meaningful pieces for couples worldwide.

The three-stone ring is a symbol of enduring love and the journey of a shared life.

4. Vintage Diamond Ring

Vintage diamond rings evoke a sense of nostalgia and timeless elegance. These designs often feature intricate details and filigree work, reflecting the craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Notable for their romantic and delicate aesthetics, vintage rings capture the charm and sophistication of the past. 

Whether it's the Art Deco geometric patterns, the Edwardian lace-like motifs, or the Victorian nature-inspired elements, vintage rings offer a wide array of styles.

These rings are highly sought after, as they carry a sense of history and have the allure of being one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Celebrities like Penélope Cruz and Anne Hathaway have chosen vintage-inspired engagement rings, contributing to the resurgence of this timeless style.

5. Princess-Cut Diamond Ring

The princess-cut diamond ring is a symbol of modern elegance and individuality.

Its distinctive square shape with pointed corners sets it apart, making it a captivating choice for those who appreciate contemporary style.

Introduced in the 1960s, the princess cut quickly gained popularity for its brilliant sparkle and sharp, clean lines. 

This cut enhances the diamond's natural sparkle and is known for its fire and brilliance, much like a round brilliant-cut diamond.

Its versatility allows it to be featured in various settings, from solitaire to intricate designs, and it often appears in white gold or platinum settings, amplifying its modern charm. 

6. Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring

The emerald-cut diamond ring boasts an air of timeless sophistication and regal charm. 

With its unique rectangular shape, this cut offers an elegant and elongated appearance that's known for its refined aesthetic.

The emerald cut, initially designed for emeralds, found its way into the world of diamonds and quickly became a symbol of understated elegance. 

With its long lines and step-cut facets, this diamond ring design showcases the clarity and natural beauty of the stone, rather than relying on excessive sparkle.

A favourite among those who admire a sophisticated and regal appearance, the emerald-cut diamond often graces the fingers of influential figures. 

Notably, Grace Kelly's engagement ring featured an emerald-cut diamond, further solidifying its place in the world of timeless design.

7. Oval-Cut Diamond Ring

The oval-cut diamond ring strikes a perfect balance between the timeless allure of a round cut and a unique elongated shape. 

This diamond ring design offers a timeless and versatile appearance that remains enduringly popular.

With its distinctive, soft curves and elongated silhouette, the oval cut is known for its exceptional brilliance and sparkle.

It's beloved by those who appreciate a classic design with a twist, and it has appeared on the fingers of numerous prominent figures.

One notable oval-cut diamond engagement ring belongs to none other than Blake Lively gifted by Ryan Reynolds. 

The design elegantly merges tradition with a touch of contemporary flair, making it a cherished and timeless choice in the world of diamond rings.

8. Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring

The pear-shaped diamond ring design, often called the teardrop cut, marries the grace of the marquise and the brilliance of the round cut, creating a design that's elegant and individual.

This unique shape is celebrated for its ability to elongate the finger while adding a touch of individuality to the classic diamond ring.

It's associated with notables like Victoria Beckham, who sports an exquisite pear-shaped diamond ring from her husband, David Beckham.

Its versatility allows it to be worn with the tip pointing up or down, giving wearers options to express their personal style. 

The pear-shaped diamond's timeless beauty continues to capture hearts, making it a beloved choice in the realm of diamond rings.

9. Cushion-Cut Diamond Ring

The cushion-cut diamond, with its soft, rounded corners and larger facets, conjures an aura of antique-inspired charm. Its name, "cushion," derives from the pillow-like shape that enhances its romantic appeal.

This cut rose to prominence in the 19th century and is renowned for its ability to disperse light beautifully, creating a distinct play of colours known as the "fire" of the diamond. 

Its blend of timeless elegance and a touch of vintage allure has become a favourite choice for those desiring a diamond ring design that exudes a sense of the past, present, and future.

Notable personalities such as Kim Kardashian and Leighton Meester have embraced cushion-cut diamonds, adding to their growing popularity in the world of luxury jewellery.

10. Asscher-Cut Diamond Ring

The Asscher-cut diamond, characterised by its striking square shape and step-cut facets, is a resplendent choice that evokes vintage and art-deco aesthetics. 

This cut originated in the early 20th century, and its unique step-like design distinguishes it from other square-shaped cuts.

One of the most iconic asscher-cut diamonds is the Cullinan Diamond, a magnificent 3,106-carat gem later cut into smaller stones, some of which now adorn the British Crown Jewels. 

The Asscher-cut's enduring appeal was accentuated when celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow showcased their asscher-cut engagement rings, placing them in the spotlight and further solidifying their place in the world of exquisite diamond jewellery.

Complete Your Diamond Ring Collection With Confidence With Q Report

These stunning diamond ring designs are priceless in every way. They represent the finest creations of the world's greatest jewellers and a meaningful and sentimental possession that you’ll treasure forever. 

Owning such a valued item demands the very best in jewellery insurance. As lovers of classic diamond designs, Q Report proudly provides specialised jewellery insurance and engagement ring insurance, custom-designed to protect your finest pieces. 

Simply put, our insurance is an essential part of your jewellery collection, offering theft, loss and damage cover. It’s what makes us a world-leading insurer for your precious diamond jewellery.

Discover why hundreds of jewellery collectors rate our service 5 stars. Get your free jewellery insurance quote online today and enjoy the peace of mind you need to wear your diamonds with confidence. 

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