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Insuring a Diamond Bought on Vacation: Your Guide

Q Report Team
Updated on October 06, 2022
4 min read

Vacation jewellery, it's a thing. I tell my husband it's a souvenir, something to remember our trip. More valuable than a tchotchke (the Yiddish word for knick-knack) collecting dust. It's practically an investment. Well, that's my justification, and I shall stick with it for the foreseeable future.
If you're lucky enough for it to be a diamond or a diamond engagement ring, then there are a few things you should consider to keep that smile on your face long after you have walked through the arrivals gate back home.


Things to Consider When Buying Jewellery Overseas

As the old saying goes, if someone offers you a deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But that's not to say you won't find something exceptional worth every penny.
Exercise caution and research, know what you're looking for and don't be tempted by sweet-talked alternatives or shoppers fever, an ailment specific to travellers free from their everyday constraints.

Get this right, and you might have found your very own hidden gem.

Do Your Home Research and Know What You Want

If you intend to buy a diamond engagement ring while on vacation, do some window shopping at home beforehand. Get an idea of what a specific carat, clarity, cut and colour diamond you are after sells for in your home country. If you can get the equivalent for significantly less with certified documentation, it may make for a smart buy.

Let's Consider Dubai

Given its strategic location and proximity to India and South Africa––countries that produce a vast amount of the world's rough diamonds, Dubai has been an important trading port since the 19th century.
Throw in the fact that you aren't required to pay tax on the purchase of diamonds, and it's no wonder it's a destination go-to when looking for a diamond at an unbeatable price.
Diamond trade in Dubai is ranked fourth in the world. So you know they know what they're doing.

Ask for Documentation

When making a significant investment wherever you are in the world, always ask for a certificate of authenticity. If genuine, it should be forthcoming.
For instance, Dubai enforces strict regulatory measures through The Dubai Central Laboratories Department. The Bareeq, a national certification, ensures high standards of the product sold.
Always keep a copy of your receipt and ensure it is as descriptive as possible. It is more than often required at the airport when moving through customs.

GIA Certification

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) established the "4Cs" and the International Diamond Grading System™ in the 1940s. Fast forward to today, it remains the international standard for evaluating diamond quality.
When buying a diamond on vacation, you want to ensure that it is genuine, having undergone a rigorous grading process against international standards.
Certification details a diamond's specifications and provides an assurance of diamond quality. When purchasing a diamond overseas, ensure that it comes with a certificate from a trusted international laboratory such as the GIA. Take it one step further and ensure that the diamond you buy matches its certificate.
Some jewellers may produce their certificates, which is fine but also carries the risk that upon having it valued at home, you may find that what you have bought is not what you expected.

Buy from a Reputable Source

It is always safer to buy from a reputable source. Do your research before you head overseas, and always ask questions.
For example, in Dubai, travellers often head to high-end air-conditioned malls rather than the traditional souk when looking to purchase a diamond. One option to draw in residents and tourists alike is the Gold and Diamond Park, with over 90 jewellers; it's a cornucopia of high-end jewellery perfect for an engagement proposal.

Shall I Wrap It Up?

Some countries are notorious for their sales tactics. They see a tourist, and boom, the pressure is on. Remember that buying a diamond or engagement ring is a significant investment. Take your time and don't succumb to the pressure of the sales assistant. You are under no obligation to make a purchase. Remember that you are on vacation. You have the power to walk out knowing that you'll never have to see them again. Ask questions to be one hundred per cent comfortable and happy with your purchase.

Do I Need Insurance?

If you had made a significant sentimental investment at home, you would insure it, so the fact that you have made it overseas should be no different.
Insuring your new diamond should be one of the first things you do upon arriving home. And suppose theft, loss or damage should occur, Q Report Jewellery Insurance promises to have your jewellery repaired or replaced by your jeweller overseas, liaising directly with your jeweller to get the information required to finalise your claim as soon as possible.

Bon Voyage

Set sail, fly away, whatever mode you choose, buying a sentimental souvenir on your vacation, such as a diamond, is one to treasure and enjoy with peace of mind.
When home, unpack, get settled and visit Q Report online to give your engagement ring the protection it deserves.

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Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote




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