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A big-sleeved satin wedding dress with plenty of sparkles? You got married in the early 90s.


Bohemian gossamer with a floppy hat? Definitely the 1970s.


It can be challenging to choose a timeless style because it’s tough to know which trends will fade and which will remain. But with an eye to the classic, you can find an engagement ring that will retain its fresh, timeless appeal.


Consider Personal Style

An engagement ring is something you’ll never want to get tired of wearing. So instead of listening to the opinions of friends, marketers and jewellers, consider your own personal style.


What kind of clothing do you like to wear? How would a particular ring fit with the rest of your jewellery collection? If you’ve always been a minimalist and never worn much jewellery, explore as many styles as you can find. Then choose a style that suits your personality and feels comfortable on your hand.


Take Colour Choice Seriously

Many engagement ring shoppers are surprised by the number of colour options they encounter: deep rubies and emeralds or parti-coloured Australian sapphires. Beyond gemstones, you’ll also find a sizable variety of colours in precious metals, with rose gold showing a resurgence in demand.


Instead of focusing on the latest colour trends, think about which metals and stones best complement your skin tone. If you have a tan or olive skin tone, yellow gold may look best on you. The yellow in the gold brings out the warm hue of your skin. Neutral metals like platinum and white gold tend to look good on everyone.


Choose Classic Shapes

Some diamond shapes show up on brides’ fingers year after year, decade after decade. If you choose one of these classic shapes, your engagement ring will never go out of style. Round and princess cuts survive the test of time better than all other diamond shapes. If you’re looking for a classic, stick with one of these.


Visualise Your Ring in the Future

Although none of us has a crystal ball, we all think about our futures. Try to visualise how a ring will look on your finger in your forties, your fifties and your sixties. How will it look when you wear it to your daughter’s wedding or your spouse’s retirement party? If you think it will continue to reflect your style as you age, you’ve probably found a timeless ring.


Keep it Simple

Complicated and busy designs tend to fall out of fashion faster than simple pieces. Coco Chanel, widely considered an example of classic style, said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”


But just because a ring is simple doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. You might want to consider adding details like a hidden halo, elegant band adornments or unique settings.


Avoid the “Must Have It” Styles

Every era has its “must-have” styles, and they’re pretty easy to spot. In the 90s, marquise diamonds were all the rage, and if you take a poll among women who married at that time, there’s a good chance many of them will still be wearing marquises.


If you want to stand out from the crowd in a timeless, classic way, avoid purchasing an engagement ring that incorporates all of today’s trends. And how can you spot today’s trends?


Check out engagement ring Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts. Look at jewellery shop displays. Glance at the hands of recently wed brides. Undoubtedly, you’ll see a theme. Halos have been incredibly popular in the last few years. Other recent trends include pear- and oval-shaped stones, three-stone settings and rose gold accents.


In the end, you should choose a ring you love that fits your lifestyle. Timeless engagement rings will bring many years of pleasure and keep you perennially stylish and comfortable. When you find the perfect ring, insure it with Q Report jewellery insurance. You can purchase it from a Q Certified Jeweller or get an instant online quote right here today.


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