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Jewellery Insurance

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Australian Diamonds, Tomorrow’s Heirloom Jewellery

Indulging your taste for diamonds shows your appreciation for the finer things in life and your understanding of acquiring things which will last forever. With sensible management of your collection, caring for jewellery becomes akin to caring for family. Strategic investments in exquisitely crafted pieces, coupled with sensible custodianship of these treasures, can in some cases be another store of value. Growing your legacy while enjoying the finer things in life has always been the goal of the astute collector.

Searching for key pieces with which to establish, or expand, your collection draws you into a story. Provenance is one of the deciding factors in the sale of luxury goods and determines each item’s rate of appreciation. Your jewellery portfolio is no different. Chosen carefully, future heirloom pieces gain character and value through their journey from raw materials to bespoke creation at the hands of a jeweller, but also through the memories you share with them once acquired for your personal collection.

Australian pink diamonds can in some cases provide an alternative investment. Argyle diamonds especially, encapsulate all the best potential to enhance a life of luxurious enjoyment and complement a form of value creation. Unique coloured stones are sourced from this ethically-run Western Australian mine, and provenance tracked from mine to jeweller. One strategic purchase weaves you into the historic moment and opens a new connection to the lands which forged these gems.

Creating a signature piece that considers each stone’s story is no easy task. A diamond’s journey begins billions of years ago, hundreds of kilometres under the Earth’s surface. These carbon atoms crystallise into a stable lattice through exposure to intense geothermal heat and pressures. This process turns common carbon into one of the strongest and most valuable materials known to man. Once mined, the diamond-bearing ore is sorted and a refinement process separates the diamonds from the waste ore that embeds them. Once the rough diamonds are extracted, they are graded. Five percent of these rough diamonds are considered suitable for jewellery. These stones travel from their point of origin to polishing centres around the globe. It is this polishing process that reveals the beauty of the stone you may encounter in a piece of jewellery one day. Once polished, each stone is categorised through assessing its size, clarity, cut and colour. The stones are then ready to be set into the jewellery that may grace your collection one day, becoming a vessel to hold the precious memories you share with it.  

How do you manage a collection that is appreciating in value, while still remaining free to enjoy and wear each piece? After all, a sentimental necklace, or favourite pair of earrings, only becomes itself when performing its function: jewellery is made to be worn. In an increasingly risky world, jewellery insurance becomes an elegant option that assures your peace of mind. Being expertly covered through a specialist service provider also prevents the often-frustrating challenges of dealing with general coverage. Caring for your jewellery with coverage designed specifically to suit your collection’s needs, means swifter, more efficient service that is perfectly tailored to your requirements in this investment portfolio. This ensures your freedom to enjoy your pieces actively, or even to leave them safely behind as you travel the world searching for your next collector’s item, building your legacy with tomorrow’s future heirlooms.



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Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote


Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote




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