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Engagement ring shopping mistakes


10 Mistakes in Engagement Ring Shopping:

1. Not studying the art

2. Guessing her ring size

3. Misinterpreting her tastes

4. Getting blinded by price

5. Leaving a trail

6. Shopping the trend

7. Going it alone

8. Under-delivering on size

9. Buying at peak season

10. Not protecting your investment with insurance


The engagement ring is possibly the most important jewellery purchase of a man’s life. Get it right, and your proposal will be the romantic fairytale she’s always dreamt of. Get it wrong, and there’ll be more polite smiling than ecstatic screaming.


Unfortunately, too many husbands-to-be fall into the same common mistakes when shopping for that perfect stone. Here are 10 engagement ring shopping mistakes to avoid.



Mistake 1: Not Studying the Art

Do you know your pears from your pavés and your kites from your collets? There’s much more to engagement ring shopping than knowing the 4 Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat). Without a good understanding of everything that goes into creating a diamond ring, you’re leaving yourself at risk of being sold something you don’t want.


Study the art and you’ll shop with confidence.



Mistake 2: Guessing Her Ring Size

It could be the most perfectly cut and brilliant stone in the store, but if the ring doesn’t fit, it’ll take the shine off that all-important proposal. Most rings are easy to resize with your jeweller once she’s said yes, but you’ll want to get as close as possible in the first place.


Instead of guessing her ring size, try:


  • Sneaking a ring she often wears and tracing around it on a piece of paper
  • Pressing one of her simple rings into a bar of soap to making a cast (make sure you wash it afterwards!)
  • Asking the experts (aka her friends and family)


Engagement shopping mistake 

Mistake 3: Misinterpreting Her Tastes

As men, we often assume to know exactly what style of ring our bride-to-be desires. As men, we’re often completely wrong.


Be strategic about gauging her tastes. Is her style modern and sleek? Is it flashy and confident? Look at the jewellery she currently wears, ask her friends and relatives about her tastes, and even stalk her social media channels to see if she follows any jewellers.



Mistake 4: Getting Blinded By Price

Just like size isn’t everything, a more expensive ring doesn’t always mean a better ring. If you’ve got a big budget, you might be tempted to gravitate towards the most expensive stone in the store. But the most expensive stone in the store may not be the kind of stone your partner desires.


Consider her tastes over the price tag and use the savings on the wedding.



Ring shopping mistake

Mistake 5: Leaving a Trail

If you’ve been trawling through jewellery websites and browsing jewellers on social media, there’s a good chance you’ll be re-targeted with online advertisements from these pages at a later date, even if you clear your browser history.


If you’re serious about pulling off a truly unexpected proposal, it could be worth conducting your research at the library computer.



Mistake 6: Shopping the Trend

Coloured luminescence, contemporary settings and unique diamond cuts might be all the rage, but trends come and go - style is forever. Just like you shouldn’t be blinded by price, don’t be swept away by the latest and greatest trending design. If in doubt, opt for a timeless four-prong princess cut.



Mistake 7: Going it Alone

Finding the right ring is a big responsibility, but don’t feel like you need to tackle it all on your own. If you trust her friends and family to be discreet, ask them for advice on size and style. And it goes without saying; your jeweller should be your best source of advice and inspiration. Click here to find a Q Certified Jeweller in your area.



Mistake 8: Under-Delivering on Size

Remember when we said that size isn’t everything? Well, it’s not everything, but it is a lot. If your partner has dreamt of a 1.5 carat stone and you deliver a .5ct gem, chances are she’ll feel a little deflated (even if it’s perfectly cut and perfectly set).



Mistake 9: Buying at Peak Season

Just like flights, the price of engagement rings fluctuates throughout the year depending on demand. Between the months of November and February is generally considered to be peak proposal season, so you can expect to pay a premium during these times. Savvy shoppers with buy their rings a few months in advance if they’re planning on proposing in the festive season.



Mistake 10: Not Protecting Your Investment With Insurance

You might spend 1,000 hours and $10,000 finding the perfect ring, but without specialised jewellery insurance, you’re putting that time, money and sentimental value at risk. That $10,000 ring could cost as little as $30 a month to protect with us, and empower you with:


  • 12 months worldwide cover
  • Return to your original jeweller if you need to claim
  • Annual jewellery revaluation at no extra cost


To find out how little it can cost to protect your jewellery, get an instant Q Report quote by clicking below:

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Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote


Jewellery Insurance Instant Quote




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