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How to Report Stolen Jewellery

Q Report Team
Updated on June 27, 2024
4 min read

Besides being a fabulous accessory that can lift any outfit, expensive jewellery is more than often sentimental to the wearer. So when lost, whether through theft or a break-in, it can be an emotionally taxing experience. You're so distracted by the loss that it can be hard to know where to start. 

Fortunately, there are measures that can be taken to recover your items and keep your precious jewellery safer moving forward. This blog will guide you through the best steps to find or replace your jewellery if it has unfortunately been stolen.


What to do When Your Jewellery is Stolen

Retrace Your Steps

When you notice an item of value, such as your jewellery, has gone missing, try and identify the last place you remember wearing it and retrace your steps to possible locations––just to be sure. If you turn up empty-handed, the next step is to contact your local police station as soon as possible.

Notify the Police

In preparation, collate all documentation relating to the missing jewellery item, for instance, valuations, diamond grading certificates, diamond laser inscription details, receipts and photos.

You'll also need identification such as an Australian Drivers' Licence/18+ card or passport and a valid and current personal or business email address or mobile phone number. Alternatively, if you are reporting this matter on behalf of a business, you must have the business's authorisation.

Once reported, you'll be given a reference number to confirm that your report has been submitted. Be sure to take note of the police report number and contact details of the person you spoke to––you'll use this number to identify your case when contacting the police at a later date concerning the incident and for your jewellery insurance claim.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Your insurance provider is your next port of call. As with the police report, you'll need documentation of the missing piece of jewellery, such as an appraisal, pictures, and receipt, to support your claim––before you go into panic mode. Please take a deep breath. They're there to help you through the claims process and make the situation more manageable.

Scan Online Platforms and Local Pawn Shops

The sinking in your stomach while you wait for notification from the police can be seriously upsetting––use this time to search social media, eBay and local pawn shops to see if your precious piece may have been put up for sale. Thieves often want quick cash and list their stolen items for sale.

If you suspect that your jewellery has been listed for sale, do not attempt to confront the seller and repurchase it. Instead, report it to the police as soon as possible. They have protocols in place to safely retrieve it.


Jewellery Insurance

It is always traumatic when a valued piece of jewellery is stolen. These are some of our most precious items, often symbolising the milestones in life that define us. So do yourself a favour and don’t assume that your home and contents insurance will cover your jewellery. Home and contents insurance works well for covering refrigerators and furniture, but it’s not designed with jewellery in mind.

Ultimately you want a jewellery insurance provider that offers a policy specifically designed to protect your cherished items in ways other types of insurance do not. Jewellery insurance offers benefits that respect the emotional distress that losing your jewellery can cause, like the option to return to your original jeweller for replacement or repair. 

Many insurers cover you “up to” an amount shown on your policy. But you’re never really sure how much will be paid out. You want jewellery insurance with complete transparency so that in the event of theft, you are covered for the total sum insured shown on your policy and not just something close to that figure, giving you the option to recreate your precious piece should it be unable to be recovered.

If you haven’t done so, now is as good a time to start researching a jewellery insurance provider that ticks all the boxes in the event of loss, theft or damage.


Taking Precautions

If we can give you any tip, it would be to always keep your receipts and get your jewellery valued and insured. And then take lots of pictures. Finding stolen jewellery is undeniably tricky, but the likelihood of finding it greatly increases when you have documentation.

Making an effort to take photos of your jewellery items, which are less about their beauty and more about their composition and condition, will stand you in good stead should you suffer loss, theft or damage in the future. Save and digitally file these photos as a personal insurance record of your property.

Using white paper as a background can be helpful, as is a macro zoom––today's smartphones can often grab the perfect close-up shot, and if your piece is custom-made, then having an image with such detail will be invaluable.


Take Out a Standalone Jewellery Insurance Policy

While there is always the risk of theft, you can take precautions to minimise the repercussions. Jewellery insurance is one of them. Taking out a stand-alone jewellery insurance policy by 

Q Report will have you covered regardless of whether your ring is stolen, lost or damaged. And if you have any questions or want to learn more, get your free online quote or ring us at 1300 882 018.

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