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Jewellery Insurance

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Is Watch & Jewellery Theft on the Rise in 2024?

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Caring for Jewellery


Whether it’s an engagement ring, an anniversary watch, or an heirloom you received from your grandma; your jewellery is your pride and joy and should be cared for and protected like any other valuable asset. Since jewellery is so valuable, here are a few tips on how to care for it and protect those precious pieces.


Keep your jewellery away from chemicals and excessive heat

Precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver, as well as certain gems, can be damaged or discoloured from exposure to certain chemicals. When wearing fine jewellery, remove it before taking a dive into a swimming pool or using household cleaners (due to the chlorine and bleach). Even everyday substances like hairspray, nail polish remover, perfume and lotion can damage your precious pieces. Excessive heat and light can also damage certain jewels like pearls and gemstones – they can either crack, darken, or fade. Caring for jewellery should be like caring for any other any other valuable asset.



Follow the proper cleaning methods

You may have heard ‘old wives’ tales about cleaning your jewellery with baking soda and toothpaste, but these methods aren’t recommended as they can strip away the metal over time. It’s important to remember that different types of jewellery will need different types of care. Rings can be washed with warm water and a mild soap, as well as most coloured gems. Pearls are a bit more delicate, so you need to be a bit more careful with them. If you’re thinking of ultrasonic cleaning, we recommend going to a professional instead of doing it yourself.



Safely store your jewellery

Proper jewellery storage is important, not only can it get damaged or dirty, it can also go missing or get stolen if not stored properly. Keep your jewellery in a locked location in your home, such as a safe or a jewellery box locked in a cupboard. Leaving it on top of a dresser or in plain sight can attract the attention of a thief. Leaving it lying around can also lead to scratches, and if you have pets, they might confuse it with a sparkly play toy.



Get insurance

The best way to take care of your jewellery is to make sure it’s insured, if anything should go wrong. If it gets damaged, stolen, or lost, you’d want to be able to repair or replace it – especially if it’s a sentimental (and often expensive) piece like an engagement ring. If you think you’re covered with home insurance, remember that most home insurance policies will only cover you for a certain amount, regardless of the value of your jewellery. Accidental loss is usually not even covered, and you’re not covered outside of your home. It’s better to get specialised jewellery insurance so you know you’re fully protected.


With standalone jewellery insurance like Q Report, your valuables are comprehensively covered. Q Report provides specialist options that are tailored to offer customers peace of mind when it comes to their valuables. You’re covered both inside and outside the home, there’s a fixed excess, and we offer free revaluation of your insured jewellery every year.



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