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Buying Diamonds Online vs. Retail: Pros and Cons

Q Report Team
Updated on December 06, 2022
3 min read

If you’re looking to buy diamonds, you have a big decision to make, and it very well may be an expensive one. You’ll have your choice of shopping at online or retail jewellers, but how do you know which is the best way to buy diamond jewellery?

The pros and cons of buying diamonds online vs. in a retail store are outlined below, and we also offer a conclusion based on this list.

Pros of Buying Diamonds Online

  • Online shopping gives you a greater selection.
    An online store is capable of offering a larger number of diamonds for sale than a brick-and-mortar jewellery store. As a result, you’ll have more options from which to choose.

  • It's more convenient.
    Although it’s usually easy to find a retail jewellery store that’s located near you, it can’t match the convenience of shopping online. You won’t have to leave your home in order to shop, compare, and buy, and you can shop whenever you like.

  • You may save money.
    Since online retailers have lower overheads, they can sometimes - but not always - offer lower prices than those you’ll find in a retail jewellery store.

Cons of Buying Diamonds Online

  • You can’t truly compare diamonds.
    When you’re looking online, you can see diamonds with the same colour, cut, clarity, and the number of carats, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same. Each diamond is unique, and you can’t truly compare them unless you’re looking at them in person.

  • You may not get the assistance you need.
    If you have questions or need assistance when you’re buying a diamond online, you may not receive much help. And you have no real idea of the knowledge and expertise of the person assisting you.

  • You’ll have to rely on a shipping service.
    Buying diamonds online means you’ll have to have to rely on a shipping service to get them to you safely and when you need them. This may cause problems if, for example, you’re buying an engagement ring and have planned your big proposal, but your ring doesn’t arrive in time. You may also need to pay costly import taxes on high-value items.

Pros of Buying Diamonds in a Retail Store

  • You’ll be able to see the diamonds you’re buying.
    In a retail store, you’ll be able to see and touch the diamonds you’re buying and compare them to others side by side. In comparison, you won’t be able to truly get an accurate representation of the way they look when you shop online.

  • You’ll get help from a professional who provides diamonds of assured quality.
    When you have questions or look at diamonds in a retail jewellery store, you’ll receive help from a professional who can answer any questions you may have and make informed suggestions. In addition, you can trust in the diamonds you can sell.

  • Retail jewellers can service your diamond jewellery.
    If you need a repair or regular cleaning for your diamond, the best place to get it is at the physical store where you bought it.

Cons of Buying Diamonds in a Retail Store

  • Shopping in a retail store takes more time.
    While a retail jewellery store probably has a large selection of diamonds, they’re limited by the size of the store. An online store can offer a greater selection of diamonds.

  • Shopping at retail stores can be inconvenient.
    When you shop at a retail store, you’ll only be able to do so when they’re open for business. And if you shop at more than one store, you’ll have to take the time to drive to and check out what each has to offer.

  • You may pay more.
    Shopping for diamonds in a retail store means that they may be priced higher in order to pay for their overhead. However, this isn’t always the case, so be sure to compare prices and ensure that you’re getting a good deal.

Which is Better for Buying Diamonds - Online or Retail?

After looking at the pros and cons, we believe it’s better to buy your diamonds in a trustworthy retail store where you’ll receive the expert assistance you need. 

In addition, each diamond is naturally made and unique, and you can only truly tell the difference from one to another by seeing them up close, holding them, and observing them in different light. You can also rest assured that a retail jeweller is ready to answer your questions and educate you on what you need to know to make an informed decision on what to buy. Buying diamonds is a big purchase, and you’ll need to have confidence in your jeweller as well as in your decision.

Buy your diamond jewellery from one of our Q Certified Jewellers, who are our trusted local partners and are authorised to issue Q Report Jewellery Insurance in store. To get a Q Report quote for jewellery insurance simply fill out this short form.

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