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The Do's and Don'ts of Proposing on Valentines Day

Q Report Team
Updated on October 06, 2022
2 min read

FB-Valetines-Day-2015-1Valentine's Day is a very romantic day of the year to propose - you will always remember this as a special day. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure your proposal will be a success!

DO be aware of how she would want to look on the day she is proposed to. Would she be disappointed if she were wearing tracksuit pants on the day? Make sure you give a good reason for her to get dressed up beforehand.

DON'T overdo it. You don't need a band, boat, fireworks, circus performers, and jet flyovers all at once. Just a couple of surprises is enough.

DO find a way to surprise her, even when she may have a suspicion that you might ask. Use a distraction - for example, lead her to believe that you'll be taking her out for dinner, and just as you're about to leave the front gate a band appears to serenade her with a song you have written.

DON'T propose at the most expected time. The element of surprise is essential for proposing on Valentines Day! But don’t wait forever on the night either, especially if you have gone out for dinner. You could be so nervous you lose your appetite, eat that entire lobster and never taste a thing.

DO think of how you will document the proposal. You might want to hire a professional photographer to capture those perfect images. If she's the private type and a little camera shy you will want to avoid this. However, you could always have a $10 selfie stick on hand to do the job.

DON'T hide the ring somewhere silly, dangerous or (again) predictable. The champagne glass has been done a million times, the centre of a cupcake may break teeth or require a trip to the hospital, and you definitely don't want to hide it somewhere it might get lost or stolen. As a jewellery insurance company, we can assure you we're seen many horror stories!

DO decide whether or not she would appreciate a public or private proposal based on her personality. She may dream of a dramatic public proposal, or she might be horrified at the idea!

DON'T be weird, don't try to scare her in any way. "Surprise" doesn't mean THAT kind of surprise.

DO have a sense of humour if things go wrong. Laughing at a mistake or even total failure when it begins raining on the dance group you organised will only add character to the story when you re-tell it later.

DON'T think you can predict exactly how she will react. If you expect her to laugh, she might cry. If you expect her to cry, she might scream and swear! Oh and if you're not 100% sure she will say yes, stay away from the big public display, it could be emotionally scarring... for you.

DON'T be afraid to show your feelings. It's perfectly fine for men to cry when they are proposing. Showing emotion lets your partner see how much conviction you have in asking the question.

DO get your ring insured! Don't end up like this guy and lose the ring during the big moment.

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