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There are two sections in a home insurance policy you need to know about when you want to insure your jewellery:

1. Unspecified Jewellery

Unspecified jewellery has very low sub-limits. This means that if you have an expensive diamond ring, you may not be covered. It’s a scary situation when you might end up with far less than what you’ve invested.

2. Specified Jewellery

Because of the problems associated with unspecified jewellery, if you have a home contents policy you really should ask for your jewellery to be specified. That means a more precise description of your jewellery. It usually costs a little extra, and depending on your policy will cover you for a value closer to what the jewellery is worth. Be very careful to check whether you are covered inside your home only or everywhere.

Insurance policies are heavy reading, so even in the specified section of an insurance policy there are limitations, and it’s in the way they interpret their policy. So it’s essential for you to study their terms and conditions in detail if you don’t want any nasty surprises.

You see, most insurance policies say things like “you are insured up to a value“. But Up to is not an agreed value.

Just imagine paying a premium on a $10,000 ring and being told they will only pay out $5,000.

If they can find a way to do this, they will make it happen. This is very common behaviour for most insurers. The claims department has one goal – how to save money.

You might want to consider Q Report Jewellery Insurance. Why?

Because when we insure to a value of $10,000, that’s an agreed value with us. If you have a loss, we’ll pay the $10,000. Because we want to send you back to your original jeweller who supplied the ring to you, and the original jeweller who can craft the ring for you once again.

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