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Jewellery Insurance

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Insurance Basics

Five Out of Five: The Top 20 Q Report Insurance Reviews

Our customers speak from the heart, and when it comes to your precious jewe...

What is a ‘No Impact Claim’ in Jewellery Insurance?

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Does Jewellery Insurance Cover Natural Disasters?

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Jewellery Trends

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Keep up to date with the latest jewellery trends, insights and inspiration from Q Report.


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Our customers speak from the heart, and when it comes to your precious jewellery, we wouldn't want it any other way.

At Q Report, we're proud to have provided Australians with specialised jewellery insurance for over ten years. Our five-star rating has led us to become a market leader thanks to our growing number of satisfied Q customers

Here are twenty of our top Q Report insurance reviews. We're confident that you, too, will choose Q Report to protect the things you love.


1. Annalea - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"I highly recommend getting Q Report insurance for your engagement ring! I damaged my engagement ring, so I put a claim through my insurance policy. The process was great, and Q Report easily repaired my engagement ring. Lovely people to work with and an excellent experience all around."


2. Alyssa - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"Setting up insurance for my engagement ring with Q Report was seamless! The staff were lovely, and the insurance policy was extraordinarily comprehensive and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend Q Report."


3. Lauren - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"The process was speedy and easy. I highly recommend Q Report as you are covered for everything swiftly!"


4. Kerry Anne - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"I have had nothing but positive dealings with Q Report! They kept me informed and updated every step, and Susan completely addressed my needs, enquiries and concerns. Exceptional service, I will use Q Report for the foreseeable future for my jewellery insurance."


5. June - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"I have insured two of my beautiful jewellery items with Q Report. Unfortunately, I lost one of them, a birthday gift from my mom. I was distraught and frustrated at the time. Q Report's friendly staff helped me through the claim process, and within no time at all, I received a replacement. I'm happy with the result and recommend Q Report for any jewellery that needs to be insured."


6. Amanda - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"Getting insurance for my engagement ring was simple and easy with Q Report. They are quick to pick up the phone, and you're not left on hold for hours on end. Most processes can be done quickly online, whether getting an initial quote or paying for the insurance. They're very upfront about what they cover and when and how to make a claim. All in all, an excellent experience for jewellery insurance, without all the headaches of reading the super fine print."


 7. Alex - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"I am so happy with the service I received from Q Report. I lost my diamond earrings on my honeymoon and was so glad I had insured them with Q Report. I can't thank them enough. They were so easy to deal with, and I highly recommend them. Thanks again."


8. Pete - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"Our jeweller recommended Q Report. Having now taken a policy, I can see why. Very easy, and so good to have peace of mind!"


9. Jay - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"The only company you should insure your jewellery with is Q Report. Easy to contact and get claims organised and approved. Very helpful and highly recommended."


10. Soph - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"Insuring my engagement ring was very easy and seamless! Great value for an amazing cover!"


11. Sharee- 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

“I recently had to make a claim, and Q Report was fast, friendly, and made everything seem too simple. So glad I took the policy out with them and got my valuable piece insured. Should I have put it with my home and contents policy, it's unlikely the process would have been as easy as it was with Q Report. Thank you”


12. Annette - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"Organising insurance through Q Report was hassle-free. I spoke to Raff, who was helpful and professional in explaining the policy coverage. Highly recommend."


13. Daniel - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"The entire process was a pleasure. Jem was helpful over the phone and helped me get the quote and payment sorted within ten minutes."


14. Cate - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"The claim process was made very simple. Susan was extremely helpful and informative. I have recommended Q Report to my family and friends."


15. Caleb - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

“Fantastic and easy to navigate both online and over the phone. This is the kind of communication I dream about when it comes to dealing with insurance. My consultant Mayesha has always made herself available to answer any questions I have had and has done so with such a swift reply. I have felt as if I have been personally looked after during the set-up of a policy. Thank you Mayesha for all your help.”


16. Leonie - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"Best customer service I have gotten in a long time! Raff was able to rectify my query quickly! I definitely will continue my insurance in the future."


17. Rebecca - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"Q Report is the best insurance company for jewellery- hands down! I have never had the chance to say a good thing about an insurance company before, so I'm taking the opportunity to write this glowing review. I've spoken with Jem and Sophie over the phone, and they were informative, friendly and professional without being put on hold. They also knew what they were talking about and went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. I could not recommend this company enough!"


18. James - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"I had my watch stolen whilst overseas, but thankfully I was insured with Q Report. Susan managed my claim and was nothing but extraordinary from start to finish. She put my mind at rest and reassured me throughout the process. I would recommend Q Report to anyone looking to insure their jewellery."


19. Savannah - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"I spoke with Jem this afternoon, and she was wonderful. I've been with Q Report for three years and cannot fault their service. Thank you again."


20. Emily - 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

"Raff was incredibly helpful and went above and beyond in assisting us. The small book we received in the post after our policy started was such a lovely surprise and memento. Highly recommend."


The moral of the story: Reviews Speak Volumes

Q Report is more than just comprehensive jewellery insurance. It is jewellery insurance specifically designed to protect the things you love, personalised by jewellery experts and not insurance salespeople.

Get a jewellery insurance quote and join the thousands of Australians leaving a five-star review. 

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