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Your partner is one-of-a-kind. Shouldn’t her ring celebrate her individuality and the unique relationship you share?

The incredible assortment of engagement rings on the market can be dizzying, but after you’ve spent some time shopping around, they might all start to look the same to you. You learn to spot the trends and pick up on which styles currently enjoy the most popularity.

But if you want to select a truly unique ring, consider incorporating one of the following customised touches into the design.



Back in medieval times, European courtiers inscribed romantic poetry onto wedding rings, and the custom lives on today. Some people have messages, wedding dates or initials written on the inside of the shank, but why stop there?

For an ever-present reminder of your love, consider engraving a message around the perimeter of the stone! The GIA (Gemological Institute of America, which evaluates and grades diamonds) can laser-inscribe graphics or microscopic messages onto diamonds and other gemstones. Although the inscription isn’t visible to the naked eye, the secret phrase can be a romantic secret between the two of you. And when she wants to see it, she can pull out a magnifying glass and read it once again.

If you’d love to engrave your engagement ring but can’t think of an appropriate message, try out one of these popular suggestions:

  • I love you
  • All my love
  • You have my heart
  • Soulmates forever
  • To have and to hold
  • Here is my heart. Guard it well!
  • Forever and always
  • Eternal love


Many people include their names or initials in the engraving to personalise the message further. Discuss engraving possibilities with your jeweller; he or she may have some excellent ideas that suit the ring perfectly.


Hidden Haloes

Halo engagement rings have dotted Pinterest boards and taken prominent spots in jeweller’s windows for several years now, but here’s an exciting twist on a perennial favourite: the hidden halo.

With a hidden halo, the bride sees the hidden jewels from her perspective, but they’re not apparent when looking down on the ring from above. Instead of making the centre stone appear more substantial, the hidden halo sits beneath the gem, providing subtle-but-exquisite detailing. It’s like a secret gift to the wearer, a treat for her eyes only.


Hidden Diamonds

Building on the hidden theme, some engagement ring shoppers are requesting hidden diamonds, often embedded in cathedral settings, to add personality and character to the design. 

For example, from a bird’s-eye view of the ring, you might see a simple, gorgeous solitaire. Turn the ring on its side, however, and you’ll see a delicate row of diamonds beneath the solitaire or perhaps one strategically placed diamond buttressing the central stone.


Coloured Stones

Instead of the traditional colourless diamond, you can twist an engagement ring into a truly spectacular delight by opting for a fiery ruby, delicate pink sapphire or sea-green emerald. Perhaps your partner’s birthstone happens to be one of her favourite colours; there’s an opportunity to stamp her signature on the ring’s design.

Coloured gemstones could create an arresting halo around a diamond solitaire, or they could give a pave band a shock of colour. However you incorporate them, coloured gemstones add a touch of individuality and style.


Numerical Symbolism

Another way to personalise your engagement ring and add significant meaning is to match the number of stones to a number that is important to your relationship. For example, if you’ve been together for five years, you might choose a design that features five stones, one for each year leading up to your engagement or wedding. Here’s another one: if the anniversary of your first date is on the third day of the month, you might consider a three-stone ring (things could get out of control if your first date were on the thirty-first).

When it comes to engagement rings, details matter. Once you find that perfect ring, protect it with Q Report engagement ring insurance. If something happens to it, we’ll help restore it to you in its ideal, one-of-a-kind condition. Click here for an instant quote.

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