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Sydney-based Natalie Marie Jewellery opened their doors in 2012, but in the few short years since then, the label has appeared in Marie Claire, Vogue Australia, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and countless other fashion platforms.

Employed as a fashion buyer when she launched her jewellery business, Natalie Fitch started by designing pieces at her kitchen table with a handful of tools she’d collected during her time at University. Natalie Marie Jewellery has since attracted a lot of fame and attention due to one of their biggest fans, Meghan Markle. Let’s take a look at her remarkable story and the jewellery that has put her company on the map.


Starting from Scratch

With a love for dainty and feminine jewellery design--Natalie Fitch began by creating bespoke items for people she met with one on one. For the first few years, she worked on her own, squeezing design and manufacturing time around a full-time work schedule at her fashion buyer job. Her customers came to her through word of mouth from people she had designed and crafted jewellery for.

By the third year, her business had grown enough that she needed some help. She hired her first staff member and rented a shared studio space where she could spread out and take on more projects. Four years on, Fitch realised the potential in her jewellery business and left her full time job to devote all her efforts into building Natalie Marie Jewellery.

In January 2019, Natalie Marie Jewellery had employed seven jewellers, three retail helpers and three administrative staff members. No longer working out of a part-time rented space, Natalie Fitch has a flagship store of her own in Sydney where customers flock to purchase both one-of-a-kind designs or ready to wear pieces. Natalie Marie products are now stocked by over twenty retailers and receives bespoke orders from all around the world.


Social Media Branding

How did a young woman in Australia reach such a vast market so quickly? The savvy use of social media has played a significant role in Natalie Marie’s success. In fact, Meghan Markle first learned about the Sydney-based designer on Instagram.

After following Natalie Marie Jewellery on Instagram for some time, Markle reached out to Fitch and asked if she could design some pieces for her Suits character Rachel to wear on screen.

Natalie Marie Jewellery sent Markle several pieces, including the now-famous dotted oval necklace in rose gold. Markle referred to NMJ as her “very favourite” brand, and she continues to wear new pieces, which are now captured by international journalists covering the royal events she attends with Prince Harry.

With over 185,000 followers on Instagram, Natalie Marie Jewellery reaches people around the world, and customers can shop online or visit the flagship store in Sydney for a consultation for custom pieces.


Bespoke Jewellery for a New Generation

Today’s young people rarely have an opportunity to own or wear items that are unique or custom made. Although they may sport high-quality luxury clothing items and carry expensive iPhones, there’s nothing that distinguishes their style or belongings from anyone else’s.

For this reason, the bespoke jewellery industry has gained a large following on Etsy and other platforms. Capitalising on the yearning for something unique and meaningful, Natalie Marie Jewellery offers personalisation, style and quality, all in one beautiful package. 


To learn more about Natalie Marie Jewellery, visit their website or stop in at the flagship store in Sydney. You may also want to follow them on Instagram. If you make a purchase, be sure to have it insured. You can get an instant online quote for Q Report Jewellery Insurance or give us a call.


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