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insurance basics


Five Out of Five: The Top 20 Q Report Insurance Reviews

Our customers speak from the heart, and when it comes to your precious jewe...


What is a ‘No Impact Claim’ in Jewellery Insurance?

How would you feel if you lost your favourite piece of jewellery?


Does Jewellery Insurance Cover Natural Disasters?

Floods, cyclones, bushfires and hailstorms. All of these natural disasters ...


Side-by-Side Insurance Policy Comparison

If you could be doing anything today, what would it be? Shopping for insura...


Does Engagement Ring Insurance Cover a Lost Diamond?

You can’t stop looking at it! That gorgeous, expensive piece of jewellery o...


What Does Home and Contents Insurance Really Cover?

It’s easy to underestimate the cost of replacing your home and possessions....


Understanding Jewellery Insurance: Your Policy Simplified

Jewellery insurance doesn’t have to be complicated or hard to understand. H...


What Evidence Do You Need When Making a Claim on Jewellery Insurance?

You hope that you never have to make a claim on your jewellery insurance. A...


What Type Of Insurance Do You Really Need?

Having insurance for your home and its contents means that in the event of ...


All You Need to Know About Watch Insurance


Why Your Insurance May Provide Minimal Coverage for Jewellery


Insuring Jewellery with Home and Contents – What you NEED to know


Insurance Companies are Not Jewellers


Why home and contents insurance won’t fit the bill for your jewellery

Insurance may be a serious matter to consider, but for the peace of mind it...

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