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What To Do If You Lose Your Engagement Ring


Don’t Panic

Losing your engagement ring is a stressful experience. But it often happens and there are ways to find this prized possession. Here we share the all necessary steps to be reunited with your beloved ring.

Lost Rings: An All Too Common Occurrence

14% of women have lost their engagement rings! But there are steps to find it and ways to ensure it never happens again.


1. Retrace Your Steps

Close your eyes and reflect on the last time you wore your ring. Follow your movements and retrace the path you took, checking every place along the way. Remember, even small details can lead to big discoveries.

2. Check Lost & Found

Reach out to venues and public places you visited recently. Lost and found departments could hold a glimmer of hope. Online communities can also help. Sometimes, good-hearted people turn in lost treasures.

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3. Talk To The Police

If you suspect theft, promptly file a report with the police. Offer as many details as possible to aid in the investigation and potential recovery. This report is essential for insurance claims as well.


4. Check Home Security

Strengthen your home's security to deter future theft. Install deadbolts, security cameras, or an alarm system. Consider a home safe to safeguard your valuables and prevent further loss.

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5. Consult Your Jeweller

Don't go through this process alone. A trusted jeweller can offer expert guidance on replacing or replicating your lost ring. They'll help you find a new piece that matches your style and can even assist in recreating the original design. You're not alone in the journey to restore your cherished ring.

6. Jewellery Insurance

Q Report understands the sentimental value of your ring. Notify our team and let us assist you through the entire claims process.

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Top Tips To Avoid Losing Your Engagement Ring

  • Regular Inspections: Have your ring inspected by a jeweller periodically to check for loose stones or prongs.
  • Correct Sizing: Ensure your ring fits correctly to prevent it from slipping off.
  • Travel Smart: Pay extra attention to your ring while travelling, so you don't misplace it.
  • Jewellery Insurance: Purchase comprehensive jewellery insurance to cover  loss, theft, or damage.

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