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How Much Should You Spend On a Luxury Watch?

Navigating Luxury Watches

Luxury watches blend technology with craftsmanship, offering priceless style and sophistication. Deciding their worth is like choosing vintage jewellery - it’s a personal expression. So, if you're pondering this investment, our tips may assist your considerations in determining your dream timepiece.

1. Buying a Luxury Watch You Love

Choosing a luxury watch demands patience and passion. Don't rush the purchase; explore until you find a timepiece you love. With an array of gorgeous options, take the time to scrutinise each detail. If the case enchants, but the bezel doesn't align, hold off until you discover the perfect match.


2. Get the Most for Your Money

Let’s say you’ve decided to set a budget of $15,000. You could maximise it with a pre-owned Cartier Santos XL or a new Omega Speedmaster. Alternatively, diversify with two or three timepieces, such as balancing everyday wear with a Tag Heuer Aquaracer and a dressier Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso for evenings out.


3. Exploring the World of Pre-Owned Watches

Maximising your budget is wise with pre-owned purchases, but careful evaluation is crucial. Rely on experienced watch dealers for expertise and avoid potential fraud by certifying a unique find such as a pre-owned Patek Philippe Calatrava, with original or certified documentation.

Things To Know When Buying a 
Pre-Owned Watch

Original Components

Watches retaining all original components hold higher value than those with replacements.

Rolex Reference Numbers

The rarity and price of a Rolex watch are influenced by its reference numbers.

Box and Papers

The inclusion of the original box and papers enhances a watch's value and its complete history.

4. Invest in Luxury Watch Insurance

Once you discover the watch that embodies your style, consider covering your investment. Luxury watch insurance covers most damage, theft and loss.


Consider Watch Insurance from Q Report

Wear your timepiece with assurance, backed by Q Report’s comprehensive coverage against loss, theft, and damage.


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