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Engagement Ring Metals

From Inexpensive to Most Expensive

Discover the World of Engagement Ring Metals 

Engagement ring stones often steal the spotlight. But the metals they’re crafted from are equally enchanting! Here, we share the top 7 metals and their price points, ensuring you make a choice that fits your style and budget.

Inexpensive Engagement Ring Metals

They may not come with a premium price tag, but the following four metals create stunning rings with enduring quality and style. Discover how to make a budget-friendly choice that delivers a breathtaking engagement ring.

1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, often associated with its resilience, is a prime option for engagement rings. Its hypo-allergenic properties make it suitable for sensitive skin. Remarkably robust, it is not only durable but also resistant to scratches, ensuring long-lasting elegance.


2. Tungsten

Tungsten, an increasingly popular choice, boasts remarkable qualities. Scratch-resistant and hypo-allergenic, it ensures long-lasting elegance. Additionally, its unique feature lies in the ability to change colours through plating, offering customisation and style like no other.


3. Titanium

Titanium, known for its lightweight, hypo-allergenic properties, offers durability surpassing gold and platinum. It comes in a variety of shades, from deep onyx to lustrous white, making it a versatile choice for those seeking enduring beauty and strength.

Mid-Range Engagement Ring Metals

Gold rings strike the perfect balance between quality and style. Often used in mid-priced rings, these stunning pieces won’t break the bank. Explore gold's unique properties and the reason for its enduring appeal.

4. White Gold

Celebrated for its subtle white sheen, white gold is the perfect companion for colourless diamonds. However, nature only yields gold in a yellow hue, so white gold is often plated with rhodium for its signature lustre. Keep in mind that rhodium plating may require occasional reapplication in the years to come.


5. Yellow Gold

Yellow gold, especially in the form of 14k rings, exudes timeless warmth and traditional charm. However, due to its malleable nature, it's commonly combined with other metals, potentially causing skin sensitivity for some wearers.


6. Rose Gold

Radiating a feminine and captivating allure, rose gold is an enchanting alloy crafted from the marriage of yellow gold and copper. This mid-range metal perfectly complements rosy gemstones, creating a captivating and trendy choice for engagement rings.


The Most Expensive Engagement Ring Metal

Searching for the most dazzling engagement ring that money can buy? Simply put, there’s only one choice. This metal exudes luxury, elegance, and style, making it the number one choice for a decadent romantic gesture.

7. Platinum

For the ultimate in luxury and sophistication, look no further than platinum. This exquisite metal is not only celebrated for its hardness but also for its extraordinary rarity. Unlike other metals, platinum retains its naturally pristine white sheen indefinitely, never fading or changing in colour. Its remarkable durability ensures your engagement ring will stand the test of time, just like your love.


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