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10 Things to Do On Your First Visit to a Jeweller

Get the Most Out of Your Experience

Are you preparing to pop the question? Congratulations! Now there’s some work and research ahead of you. Partnering with a trusted jeweller is the best way to ensure your loved one receives the ring of their dreams. Read on to discover 10 things you can do on your first visit to a jeweller to ensure you find the perfect ring.

1. Keep an Open Mind

When visiting a jeweller for the first time, keep your options open. While you may have a clear vision, the stone may appear different in person. Trusted jewellers are skilled at interpreting tastes, so be open to suggestions and explore various options. The perfect ring may be something you hadn’t considered.


2. Get Recommendations on Diamond Colour

Contrary to common misconceptions, differences in colour grades are noticeable, even to untrained eyes. A trusted jeweller can recommend the ideal option based on your preferences and budget. When purchasing a larger diamond, consider inspecting it 'loose' before setting, providing a clear view of its colour characteristics.

3. Ask to See a Diamond Grading Certificate

Ensure diamonds above 50 points (0.50 carats) come with a grading certificate from accredited laboratories such as GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI, GSL, or DCLA. This report guarantees the stone's quality and authenticity. Inquire about the jeweller's chosen certification, considering differences in measurement and reputation among various grading labs.


4. Explore Large & Small Inclusions

Familiarise yourself with diamond inclusions and internal imperfections that impact a stone's appearance and price. Flawless diamonds are pricey, making some level of inclusion common in budget-friendly options. Request your jeweller to showcase both big and small inclusions side-by-side to understand their appearance and cost.

5. Ask What They Like in a Ring

Communicate with your jeweller to gain insights and inspiration. Inquire about their preferences for quality rings, from diamond setting styles to preferred ring metals. Listening to their professional and passionate opinions will prove invaluable in your diamond shopping journey.


6. Clarify Whether It’s a Treated Stone

Stay informed about diamond treatments, particularly 'fracture filling,' which enhances clarity. Ensure you don't unintentionally purchase a treated diamond, thinking it's entirely natural. Reputable jewellers will transparently disclose whether the diamond has undergone any treatments.

7. Bring Examples and Inspiration

Enhance your diamond knowledge by familiarising yourself with an engagement ring glossary. Feel free to bring visual examples to the jeweller, making it easier to express your preferences. Seek inspiration from Instagram, reputable Australian jewellery stores online, and our blog for the latest trends and insights.


8. Explore Different Shapes

The shape of your diamond is crucial to the ring's overall appearance. Traditional shapes like round, princess, and radiant cuts suit various settings, while modern shapes like pears and ovals offer a stylish touch. Collaborate with your jeweller to ensure the chosen shape aligns perfectly with you or your partner’s preferences.

9. Ask About Functionality

Engagement rings encompass both aesthetics and functionality. Beyond appearance, it's crucial to consider wearability and protection from damage. Certain settings, such as tension settings, may be more susceptible to damage due to stone exposure, while even traditional styles, like claw settings, could snag on clothing.


10. Get Specialised Jewellery Insurance

After finding the perfect engagement ring, it's essential to protect it. Q Report's specialised jewellery insurance ensures your partner can wear their ring confidently, knowing it's safeguarded from damage or loss, even during global travels. Our coverage offers the flexibility to return to the original jeweller for replacement or repair.

Protecting the Jewellery You Love The Most

Q Report is the simplest way to safeguard your engagement ring. Get a free quote today.


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