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You Sell Jewellery

Why Bring Insurance Into the Conversation?

As a potential partner of our Q Certified Jeweller Program, you'll join hundreds of leading jewellers across Australia who trust us to protect their customers' precious jewellery and timepieces.

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Q Certified Benefits

Join Our Q Certified
Jeweller Program

As a jeweller, you know that your customers' cherished jewellery and timepieces are more than just accessories–they're symbols of love, milestones, and memories. And while jewellery insurance doesn’t evoke the same level of romanticism, the truth is that accidents and losses can happen. That's why Q Report Insurance is the perfect solution for your customers–and your business.

Our comprehensive insurance policy covers loss, damage, theft, and more. But our program is more than just a safety net for your customers–it is designed to help you grow your business and provide exceptional service.

Join the #1 jewellery insurer in Australia today and become a Q Certified Jeweller - because while nobody wants to think about the worst-case scenario, everybody deserves the peace of mind that comes with Q Report Insurance.

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Keep Your

Keep Your

With Q Report Jewellery Insurance, customers are free to return to their preferred jeweller.

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Get Paid
Right Away

Get Paid
Right Away

We’ll pay you before you begin working on the customer’s jewellery.

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Market Fluctuation

Market Fluctuation

To protect against fluctuations, your customers are covered up to 150% of the sum insured.

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No Setup

No Setup

There’s no setup fee. It’s easy to become a Q Certified jeweller.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

Established in 2005, Q Report is the first insurance company explicitly built for Jewellery and Watches with a relentless focus on serving our members.

Our greatest sense of achievement is helping our shared customers enjoy their jewellery confidently and be there if the unexpected happens.

Our exclusive network of carefully selected Q Certified Jewellers provide unique insights to ensure our policy provides the best value cover that exceeds expectations.

Our Underwriter

Q Report policies are underwritten by a world-leading insurance company, Chubb Insurance Australia Limited (AFSL Number 239687).


Why Q Report?

Jewellery Experts

You're speaking to people who live and breathe jewellery; not insurance salespeople.

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Real Experience

We have a rich heritage in the jewellery industry and have worked hard to forge an excellent reputation.

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Additional 50% Cover

If your customer makes a claim, there is an additional buffer of up to 50% of the insured value available to pay towards their claim. We help you work to restore their jewellery to the same position it was before.

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Your Customers Return to You

We have a rich heritage in the jewellery industry and have worked hard to forge a great reputation among jewellers and jewellery consumers.

Q Appraisals

Q Appraisals

A faster, simpler way.

For our Q Certified Jewellers, we are offering an exclusive new jewellery appraisal creation service. You asked, and we listened! You’ve shared that creating jewellery valuations can be frustrating and time-consuming, so we’ve made it easy with Q Appraisals.

This complimentary service makes it simple to deliver beautiful, branded jewellery appraisals every time. You do the evaluation and pop the jewellery details into our system. We’ll create a memorable PDF version of your appraisal that’s immediately ready for email or print for your customer. Ask us about Q Appraisals.


See What Other Q Certified Jewellers Are Saying

Australia's most trusted and top-rated provider of specialised engagement ring insurance.

Affinity Diamonds

Sam Rahme

“The Q Report team have always exuded nothing but professionalism and commitment to delivering the best service. Making a claim through Q Report is simple and straightforward, which is why they have always been our recommended jewellery insurer of choice. They are a highly professional company that we recommend to our customers with confidence.”

EverettBrookes Jewellers

Ian Brookes and David Everett

“Reputation is everything. When an insurance company only offers one policy, it needs to be outstanding. Q Report with +1000 Google reviews has earned this status because of its incredible claims settlement process. It’s great for our customers and us.”

Wishart Jewellers

Daniel Wishart

"When you’re a family business, you never think a corporate insurer could provide equal service to what you can. Then comes Q Report, which shows you it’s about their culture. It helps that they come from a jewellery background and understand what’s important to our business. If you’re not recommending this service to your clients, you are doing them a disservice.”

Bentley De Lisle

“So you build your reputation, why would we want to talk about insurance? That was us before we met The Q Report team. We didn’t think insurance people understood our trade and our expectations. We were wrong. Q Report is a great product and service that we recommend all our customers consider. Home insurance is not built for high-end jewellery, and when there is a claim, who wants to write out a quote that you may or may not get. With Q Report, submit your invoice and the next thing you know, the money is in your account.”

York Jewellers

Doug Ely

“Engagement rings are a big part of what we do at York Jewellers. Being part of our clients special moments in life drives us to keep making beautiful jewellery. When one of our customers has a loss, the first thing my team says is, “I hope they had a Q Report”, not “ I hope they have insurance”. Not only is the payout at full retail replacement to us, but the seamless experience for our customers keeps both parties happy!”

Nicholas Haywood

Jewellery Concierge

“Show me one other insurance company that pays their jewellery claims before supplying the goods. The Q Report team has unique knowledge of our trade from the top down, and we are proud to offer such a quality service to our clients.”

Nordhoff Jewellery Couture

“You sometimes wonder if being in WA suppliers forget you :), Not Q Report. They have shown their commitment and support in the many years of working together. This unique company can offer deep advice in our industry and a professional execution when there is a claim.”


Ashley & Jason Portas

"Q Report is a must-have partnership at Diamondport. Q Report embodies Diamondport’s values of 5-star customer service, they think in terms of the customer experience and are continually improving their processes. We believe Q Report is a must for a premium Diamondport engagement ring."

Hogans Family Jewellers

Lockie Hogan

“Our family-owned jewellery store has been both handcrafting and repairing jewellery for over seventy-five years, and we’ve certainly seen our fair share of lost and damaged jewellery. It’s a pleasure to work with Q Report for jewellery insurance for our clients and to know that their beautiful jewellery pieces will be protected and that Q Report is there to support them.”

Windfall Jewellery

"Q Report have been so amazing in covering a wide range of events for customers as well as processing their claims fast, making it really quick and easy for both us and our customers. It's a definite value add to our products, and we love that by having this product, our clients are guaranteed to be able to return to us for their repair or remake! As a jeweller, you are missing out if you aren't using this company."

Parade Jewellers

Robert Haddad

"Recommending another service as a retailer is always risky unless you can have 100% confidence that the results will always be superb. Having had many customers over the years with jeweller claims, only Q Report delivered on its promise every time. The last claim was paid within 48 hours of our submitting our invoice...who else does that?"

Stelios Jewellers WA

Stelios Palioudakis

"Building a business that is growing fast means you can easily overlook having a great insurance facility to offer your clients. From our experience Q Report is totally in sync with our business and our customers, it's all about claims, and this company has a proven record."

Xennox Diamonds

Karl Xennox

"I choose Q Report for the unparalleled comprehensive cover, outstanding customer service and the ultimate peace of mind that comes from being cared for by a world-class insurance company... Q Report." 

York Jewellers
York Jewellers
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Is there a setup fee to become a Q Report Jeweller?

There is no setup fee. In fact, we pay you for each of your customers that take up a Q Report policy.

How confident can I be that you’ll pay the right amount to replace an item that has been lost or stolen?

We pride ourselves on our exceptional claims experience and reputation. Take a look at what our customers and jewellers who have experienced a claim say here.

Let’s however explain the process a little further.

The Q Report policy is an agreed value policy, meaning that your customer is covered for the insured value shown on their policy, not “up to” that amount. We generally insure at the purchase price if it’s a recent purchase or the current market replacement if it’s an older purchase.

As we come from the jewellery industry, we know all too well the fluctuations in the values of precious stones and the metals they are set in. As such, we offer a complimentary service whereby we revalue your customers jewellery every year at renewal time at no charge. This ensures that upon every renewal, the insured value is in line with current market values.

What happens if there is a sudden market fluctuation in diamond or gold prices during the year?

We know that currency and other market fluctuations could impact on the ability to replace your customer’s item of jewellery. This could also be the case when it comes to rare gemstones and highly sought after timepieces.

This is why our Q Report Policy can provide an additional 50% cover. Meaning, if the cost to repair or replace your customer’s jewellery is more than the sum insured, there is an additional 50% of the sum insured that's available to be applied to their claim. This is at no additional cost to your customer, so as to put them back into the same position as they were prior to their loss.

So with Q Report, they essentially have coverage up to 150% of the sum insured - an absolute world first in jewellery insurance.

For example, your customer bought a ring for $10,000. The Australian Dollar drops substantially against the US Dollar. Their ring was stolen and they need to make a claim. As their jeweller, you can no longer replace the ring at $10,000 due to the currency fluctuation. In this case, we have the ability to add up to 50% ($5,000) to the claim settlement paid to you as their jeweller so that you could replace the ring, putting your customer back in the same position that they were in prior to their loss.

What can and can’t you insure with Q Report?

Q Report insures all new and existing jewellery and watches that are in good condition. We don’t insure:

  1. Jewellery in poor condition or severely damaged jewellery
  2. Loose diamonds and gemstones
  3. Gold bullion and loose coins
  4. Artefacts
  5. Ivory

Is Q Report easy to recommend to my customers?

We understand that you sell jewellery and that Q Report is an additional service to protect your customers. We offer two pathways for you to offer Q Report:

  1. A QR code card that you can give to your customer. Once your customer scans and enters their details, they’ll receive an instant quote. Our team can then assist them to arrange cover.
  2. Through the Q Portal where you can send provide your customer a quote and request an insurance policy.

What do you do with my customer’s personal information?

Q Report administers and arranges jewellery insurance on behalf of the insurer, Chubb Insurance Australia Limited. Q Report and Chubb are committed to protecting your customer’s privacy and collect, use and retain your customer’s personal information only for the purpose of providing jewellery insurance. It is not used for any other purpose or provided to any other party. Please see our Privacy Policy here.